Security stepped up on Las Vegas Strip after ‘credible’ Islamic State propaganda video

  • Islamic State video released to social media shows Las Vegas Strip
  • Security in city stepped up accordingly

Security is being stepped up in Las Vegas after an Islamic State propaganda video emerged on social media; calling for ‘lone wolf’ attacks while showing footage of the Las Vegas Strip.

The inclusion of the Strip in the video has led police to deem the video a credible threat to the city.1280px-las_vegas_strip_6119596374

Overview of the video

The video was released on a cloud-based instant messaging service called Telegram. It showcases a series of weapons developed by the Islamic State and it isn’t just Las Vegas that’s the focus, as the narrator calls for attacks in Europe, America and Russia, with Manhattan’s Times Square also being featured as well as the Las Vegas Strip.

Even though it’s been determined the footage of the Strip was shot in 2015, the authorities are nonetheless still taking the video seriously. Christopher Darcy, Metropolitan Police Department Capt. and head of the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center has said that it would be ‘irresponsible’ for the authorities not to take the video seriously.

He cites the fact that group behind it has carried out attacks in the past, the most recent being the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that has killed 22 people, many of whom were children.

Security increased

Security will be stepped up for Memorial Day, with increased surveillance and patrols up and down the Strip, downtown and at any local events taking place in the near future. Darcy has also encouraged members of the public – both Vegas residents and passing casino tourists – to report anything they think is suspicious to the authorities.

He said, ‘I’d rather respond to 1,000 nothings than miss the one something that’s going to lead to us stopping an attack here in our valley’.

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