Sands Bethlehem Unveils Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming

  • Sands Bethlehem expands their collection of Live Dealer Stadium Gaming with blackjack tables
  • The concept is designed to appeal to experienced gamblers and novice players alike

Sands Bethlehem, a Pennsylvania-located establishment and one of the leading casinos in the region, is set to offer its players even more excitement with Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming.

This exciting, new concept allows players to play two live blackjack tables simultaneously, creating a fast-paced action for new and experienced players alike.

Blackjack offering is the latest addition to the Stadium Gaming at Bethlehem, after live dealer roulette and baccarat games.

New way to play the classic game

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in existence, which attracts experienced gamblers and players just looking for some fun alike. Using the Stadium Gaming concept, players can concurrently bet on two live blackjack tables, placing the bets of at least $5 per box, and can see all the action for both tables unfold right in front of their eyes.

According to Brian Carr, Sands Bethlehem’s President and COO, this gives all the visitors a completely new and much more exciting way to play this hugely popular game. The Live Dealer Stadium Games were deployed to the property about a year ago and, with that, Sand Bethlehem became the host for the largest installation of live ETGs (Electronic Table Games).

Stadium blackjack rules

Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming follows the same rules as traditional blackjack. Players can bet on the outcome of the hand and place side bets if they so choose. The only real difference is they can do it at two tables at the same time.

One advantage of the concept is the fact it is played using electronic devices, away from the crowded tables, which gives players a more relaxed environment to think about their decisions and place their bets at their own pace. New players can enjoy the fact there is no pressure from other players at the table, while more experienced gamblers will certainly appreciate the speed of games and the ability to see more hands per hour.

The electronic gaming stadium located at Sands Bethlehem contains 150 seats for roulette and baccarat, and with the introduction of blackjack, additional 44 seats have been added.

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