Legal reform expected in Sweden following online casino success

  • Up to 230,000 Swedish casino players online daily
  • Operator monopoly set to be pushed back

Recent reports suggest that there could be significant opportunities for casino providers who offers their services to Swedish players if the national government approves plans to cut the existing state monopoly on gambling operations.

Sweden Online Casino law
A change in regulation could see state-regulated Svenska Spel lose its monopoly in the Swedish market

Under proposals put forward by lobbyists, private providers could be licensed and regulated as part of a wider casino and gambling industry.

If successful, the new laws would cut the hold Svenska Spel – a state-owned operator – currently has on the market and instead create a competitive and varied landscape for betting.

Current legal status for online gambling

It has been reported that Swedish bettors have been turning to unlicensed online providers in a bid to find different and varied games and more chances to win – and in doing so, because they are not using state-licensed and sanctioned sites, they are effectively taking something of a risk.

Like most other nations, the status of online gambling in Sweden is complicated. Laws used to regulate land-based casinos have been hastily applied to online services, creating a situation where only the state-branded operator, Svenska Spel is properly regulated.

A gambling provider who is not regulated by the state could – theoretically – be operating unfairly, and could put players’ personal details at risk. Despite this, an estimated 230,000 Swedes gamble online every day – and many of these are not accounted for in the Svenska Spel figures. Bringing in new laws will reduce this level of online risk and move players away from using unlicensed sites.

What next for online gambling in Sweden?

The newly proposed laws are not confirmed yet, but a recent review of the country’s gambling industry recommended that regulation and licensing be opened to the private market.

This could reduce the grip of the state-run service and allow private firms to enter the market place. More competition is good news for consumers, who can expect better deals and promotions along with a wider range of games to play.

Other Scandinavian countries with similar gambling laws might also follow suit, if the reform by Sweden is successful.

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