PPA survey shows support for regulated online poker in the US

  • As many as 98% of the survey participants expressed their support for regulated online poker
  • Only a small fraction of participants expressed their willingness to financially support PPA’s efforts

Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is the largest organization currently lobbying for regulated online poker in the United States. Established in 2005, PPA has been particularly active since the infamous 2011 events of Black Friday, when the government shut down three of the largest online poker sites.

legalized online poker PPA survey

Recently, the organization has conducted a survey among its members, supporters, and the general public, asking some interesting questions on how people felt about the regulation in general, PPA’s efforts in the matter, the competence of lawmakers in charge of this matter, and much more.

The results weren’t surprising, but they did confirm some of the suspicions most people involved with the subject were already having.

Americans support regulation

One question that received the biggest support was the one about licensed and regulated poker. As many as 98% of the survey participants expressed their support for the regulated online poker, either on a federal or a state level.

This kind of support shows that Americans – at least those surveyed by the PPA – are in favor of online poker. It also shows that most of the US players aren’t opposed to playing in a fully regulated and safe environment, even if it entails paying certain taxes on the winnings.

Misconceptions about online poker

Another interesting section of the survey dealt with the politicians and how people felt about lawmakers working in their best interest. 71% of the participants expressed their opinion that elected officials have misconceptions about online poker.

This might be one of the biggest issues in the whole regulation debate, as it was often the case that lawmakers delivered statements about online poker that don’t seem to correspond with what those in the industry were saying.

Likewise, 57% of the survey participants believe that one of the reasons why online poker regulation is taking so long is the fact elected officials don’t feel this issue is particularly important.

Public opinion on lobbying

Apart from the questions dealing with online poker and regulation, one part of the survey also touched upon PPA and how their activity is perceived by the general public. It seems that many surveyed believe there isn’t enough lobbying in this department, and they believe this is PPA’s fault.

At the same time, however, when asked about what they’d be willing to do to support PPA’s efforts, only 19% expressed their willingness to donate money to the organization. It seems the biggest effort most US residents are willing to put towards the online poker regulation is to contact their elected officials (79%).

This creates a peculiar atmosphere, where there are certain expectations from the Alliance, but achieving these goals is practically impossible without a significant financial support.

All in all, the survey shows that most of the participants believe that online poker is still very popular in the States and they’d like to be able to play in a safe and regulated environment.

At the same time, they don’t seem particularly interested in taking an initiative and supporting PPA’s efforts in this matter. It’s important to remember that these results only represent those surveyed and not the general public at large.

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