Power Up Poker finally going live on PokerStars

  • PokerStars all set to launch their Power Up Poker tables during the week across their sites
  • The new game variation introduces some interesting twists to the classic Texas Hold’em experience

The Stars Group, formerly known as Amaya, the owner of PokerStars, has announced its latest invention, Power Up Poker, will be going live this week across .EU, .COM, .UK, and .NET sites.

Something of the Hearthstone about this latest brand of poker from PokerStars. Picture: PokerStars
Something of the Hearthstone about this latest brand of poker from PokerStars. Picture: PokerStars

Power Up is a product set to change the face of traditional online poker by adding interesting new elements found in adventure card games such as Hearthstone.

Adding some flare to Texas Hold’em

Power Up Poker has been in the works for some time now.

The company has performed comprehensive alpha and beta tests before making the game available to the wider player pool. The basic idea behind this new game variation is to offer players a more entertaining and engaging experience, with the hopes of attracting some fresh blood to the virtual tables.

The game still keeps all the rules of standard No Limit Texas Hold’em in terms of the gameplay and hand strength. However, there are novelties introduced in the form of special powers, the fact from which this new game draws its name.

These powers, with names such as ‘Disintegrate,’ ‘Clone,’ or ‘Scanner’ allow players to change the flow of the game by manipulating their own, their opponents’, or community cards.

Next level of poker

To start with, Power Up poker games will be offered in the form of three-player sit and go tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $15. As usually, all players start with the same amount of chips and compete for the top prize.

At the start of each hand, everyone is dealt two hole cards, just like in any regular poker tournament or cash game.

However, once the dealing stage is over, the fun begins, because players can do much more than just bet their chips.

Everyone starts with the same powers, but they are free to use them as they see fit. Powers allow players to take a sneak peek into their opponents’ cards, check out the next card from the deck, destroy or replace one of the community cards, and much more.

Using every individual power costs a certain amount of energy, based on its perceived usefulness.

This means that players will have to be careful about how they’re using their energy, which adds a whole new strategic element to the game.

According to Rafi Ashkenazi, The PokerStars Group CEO, the reason why poker has remained popular for so long is the fact it has evolved and changed overtime.

With Power Up Poker, the company strives to offer the next level in the game’s evolution, attracting a broader gaming audience to online poker tables. With very positive reactions from the initial tests, PokerStars expects the game will be received well by the general player pool.

However, there have been a few grumbles in the poker purist community, including the worry that diverting resources away from the traditional game may lessen its standing.

PokerStars has been quick to suggest that this is just another extension of the breadth of offering to players, and not to the detriment of purer forms of the game.

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