Poker player mortified at ‘false’ poop pants claim by casino

  • Player removed by security who claimed evidence of ‘accident’
  • Man was on a winning streak

A Kentucky poker player has accused a Cincinnati casino of unfairly removing him from their premises for allegedly having an accident in his pants.

The player is trying to 'clear his name' after the alleged poop incident.
The player is trying to ‘clear his name’ after the alleged poop incident.

The player was $2,000 up in a $1,000 poker giveaway event, and about to enter another round, when the bizarre interaction took place.

The player states that no such incident occurred and claims he was actually asked to leave before he could scoop another $1,000 prize in the giveaway game.

The casino reportedly has ‘visual evidence’ but is not allowed to release it without an order from the court.

Humiliated player recalls security intervention

The player at the center of the incident has described the moment he was approached by security and ejected from the casino. “Before I get to my seat, he gets… ‘Sir, Sir, Sir’, and he brings me over to him,” the Louisiana poker player told WKYT reporters.

“He said, ‘Did you have an accident in the bathroom?’”

Despite the man’s firm denials, the security officer persisted. “I have visual evidence to the contrary,” the player recalls being told, as well as being informed that three witness had seen the player remove soiled underwear, and had complained that he ‘smelled bad’.

Player order to leave casino premises

The poker fan was asked to leave the casino immediately, and complied with the order.

However, the player is disappointed, embarrassed – and keen to clear his name in public.

The player, known only as Tyler to the media, called the incident “beyond strange” and suspects he was actually asked to leave because he was costing them money.

He had been taken part in a $1,000 poker room giveaway, and claims to have won the jackpot twice during his play session for a total of $2,000 profit. “I feel extremely embarrassed and hope that this is not done to any more casino patrons,” said Tyler.

The casino stands by its version of events, but says it will not release visual evidence without the court order that allows them to.

“JACK Cincinnati Casino’s top priority is to continuously provide a clean and sanitary environment to the three million guests that visit the property annually,” the casino said in a statement.

No further comment has been made by the casino in light of Tyler’s remarks, though the player is said to be currently “weighing up his options.”

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