PartyPoker makes switch to eight-handed tables in multi-table tournaments

  • Move to fewer players in MTTs intended to increase tournament excitement and smooth out progression
  • Response from players initially positive
  • Move allows for slightly looser play from participants

PartyPoker has made the decision to switch from nine-handed to eight-handed tables in its online multi-table poker tournaments.

PartyPoker is moving to offer 8-hand tables following a trial
PartyPoker is moving to offer 8-hand tables following a trial

The change comes after speaking to players and ambassadors as well as a beta test which has been running from last year.

Faster tournaments and looser play

While eight-handed tables are only a slight change for players, it will mean more hands played per hour, a smoother tournament structure and also allow for slightly looser play from participants, since there will be one fewer player in each hand to contend with, and one fewer hand before players must pay blinds

Patrick Leonard, an ambassador for PartyPoker who was instrumental in pushing for the change, said on his Twitter account: “Great change by PartyPoker, all tables are eight-handed now. Means better structures, more hands played and way more fun for recreational [players].”

New changes to be highlighted soon

The upcoming Powerfest will be the first major tournament to showcase the changes, and with responses from players initially positive, PartyPoker will be hoping that it attracts a higher level of interest than usual. The increased action, better tournament progression and broader range of hands should make it an interesting first tournament to watch – so it’s well worth taking a look at if you’re intrigued by the new changes.

PartyPoker won’t be making the change for their cash tables, however – those will still stay with the standard two, six and nine-handed variants.

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