Classic Atari video game resurrected in new online slot game

  • New slot from Pariplay is based on classic Atari game, Pong
  • Pong slot has an RTP of 96.29% and some nice extra features

Slots fans of a certain vintage may well remember the classic arcade video game, Pong, which was released in 1972 and is widely regarded as the first proper video game.

pong slot game

For the uninitiated, Pong is a very basic form of computerised tennis – think two rackets (rectangular blocks) either side of the screen that players can move up and down to ‘bat’ a ball back and forth. That’s it. And yet in that simplicity lies a legacy that has stood the test of time, for the game is widely revered today for effectively launching the video game market as we now know it.

Pong comes to slots

Pariplay will likely be hoping that much of that sentiment translates to its new slot, also called Pong thanks to a licensing deal with Atari.

Graphically, the game is a million miles away from its predecessor which, to be fair to the original Pong, isn’t really that surprising. However, Pariplay has managed to capture much of the original essence of that game – including the two bats either side of the screen in the true 2-dimensional form – which means that slot Pong, as we’ll call it, is a refreshing take on a true classic.

The game is a five reel, 20 payline slot that includes a host of symbols you’d expect to see in classic fruit machines, such as bells, cherries and so on. The action take place in an arcade cabinet-style view, adding to the authenticity and likely bringing back fond memories for anyone familiar with the original Pong.

Pong has an RTP of 96.29%, which is good enough to achieve some solid wins and there’s a variety of extra features/bonuses within the game as well. Players can win multipliers, for example, and there’s a constantly shifting wild symbol, respins and stacked wilds. In fact, that’s more features than the original Pong!

Where to play

Anyone who wants a quick hit of nostalgia could do a lot worse than giving Pong a spin. It has the look and feel of the game that inspired modern day video gaming, all wrapped up in a pleasant slot game package that is rewarding to punters. Pariplay games can be found at a host of casinos, including NetBet Casino.

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