Paparazzo beats the bookies with bet on winner of Australia’s The Batchelor

  • Unnamed paparazzo wins big from insight into hit reality show
  • $2,500 prize nabbed by betting through several surrogates

Whether you were glued to last year’s Australian version of The Bachelor or not, the tale of someone beating the bookies is always nice to hear.

When bachelor Richie Strahan left the reality dating show with a girlfriend in Alex Nation, bookies across Oz and the world were taking bets on which girl he’d actually end up with.

However, an unnamed Sydney paparazzo had something of an insight into the show, since it was his job to follow the twists and turns of the show and snap the glamorous contestants at every turn. After getting some photos to various gossip-loving tabloids, he decided to place some bets. Despite Nikki Gogan being Strahan’s favorite, this plucky pap set his sights on mother-of-one Alex Nation.

Beating the bookies

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, in order to beat the bookies, the unnamed paparazzo placed small bets through friends’ accounts.

In total, he made a $2,500 profit from Sportsbet. Previous reports hit the news of an unnamed pap trying to place a whopping $10,000 bet on a girl to win, claiming to know the outcome of the show.

Sportsbet thwarted the attempts by allowing only a maximum bet of $80, citing that non-live television shows like The Bachelor are ‘novelty betting’ events.

Bachelor proves big for betting

The reality TV show has snared huge audiences around the world, thanks to a dynamic of glamorous young people, dating and romance.

The titular bachelor must go on a series of dates with women, some one-on-one, some group activities. Each episode sees the elimination of a woman, with the bachelor handing out roses to all but the unfortunate candidates who will go home.

Finally, the bachelor will propose to his chosen companion.

The show’s constant highs and lows, coupled with the fact that the producers often let things go off-course to create drama, makes it a hot topic for casual betting. With unexpected events like a bachelor choosing no winner, or eliminated contestants returning, it can be quite difficult to judge who will remain or leave. A hot insider tip is clearly worth a lot, if you can find a betting site which will take it.

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