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  • Man behind the popular Irish online casino unveils his five favourite casino games

Who doesn’t know Paddy Power? It’s a household name among casino and sports betting punters and an iconic UK brand that simply gets everywhere, and for good reason.

Any online casino that gives out a £2.1 million jackpot (on Beach Life) and £9.3 million in bonuses in one year (2016) is sure to get some attention!

Paddy Power Casino is huge, operating over 600 betting shops across the UK and Ireland, while its online offering has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Thanks to some memorable PR stunts and a few controversial ad campaigns, the brand has become unforgettable.

The casino has enjoyed incredible social media success, with Paddy Power boasting the largest social media following of any online casino – 632,000 Twitter Followers and 1,590,000 Facebook Likes.

That’s all very well and good – the company is in safe hands – but do those hands ever get to play the actual casino games the site offers? Now we can find out, as Paddy Power himself has taken time out to speak to Casinopedia and reveal his five favourite slots and table games.

Blackjack & Roulette

Paddy Power Live Dealer
Paddy Power Live Dealer Blackjack

The true classics of the casino, Blackjack and Roulette were quick to make the leap from traditional casinos to the online world.

These games capture the thrill of betting at a real casino table, thanks to modern graphics and a smooth interface. Paddy Power offers several variants of both games. Blackjack will test players’ nerves as they draw cards and try to get to 21 without going over, while Roulette is a classic and sophisticated game of chance – do you go Red or Black, or kick things up a notch?

PADDY SAID: “Everyone’s favourite casino games – live in your own living room – or even on the toilet, if that’s your thing. We have a great range of Blackjack & Roulette games for your everyday player to your high roller. These games are what players go to Vegas for, but with Paddy Power Games we save you the travel and you can enjoy them in the palm of your hand.

“We have classic Blackjack and Roulette games but also some exclusive games which further help the player, such as Money Back Roulette and Cash Out Blackjack! You can’t get these anywhere else.”

Ruby Walsh Champions Gold

Ruby Walsh Champions Gold
Ruby Walsh Champions Gold

This 5-reel slot is perfect for Paddy Power, capturing the brand’s huge presence in the horse racing world. This Cayetano Gaming slot is big and bold, with large symbols and high definition graphics. Gameplay is kept nice and simple, without complicated features.

Naturally, it features Ruby Walsh’s grinning face as much as possible and he also represents the wild symbol, which is also the key to free spins. Watch out for the ladies’ day beauty too, who can offer up to six kisses that turn your symbols wild.

PADDY SAID: “The man, the myth, the legend, the slots character. We were lucky that Ruby Walsh had a face like a cartoon, as it really helped us come up with the concept of putting him into a slot game. He truly is a legend of Horse Racing – a true champion jockey – and we teamed up with our in-house slots developing company to create the Ruby Walsh Champion’s Gold slot game.

“This game has taken to the market like Ruby’s horses do to Cheltenham fences – apart from Annie Power of course – this game has proved to be an instant hit for all of our customers. It’s stacked with racing theme bonus rounds, free spins and multiple ways to a win a fortune. So when Ruby’s jockey career finally comes to an end, he certainly has a future in the slots world.”

Paddy Power Gold

Paddy Power Gold
Paddy Power Gold

This slot is something of a flagship, exclusive title for Paddy Power. It has elements of classic Irish-themed games, including a lucky leprechaun. He appears by the side of the reels, reacting to your spins. It’s an attractive and easy-going slot with some really nice art.

Watch out for potentially unlimited free spins through the scatter symbols, which keep renewing as long as there are wilds on the reels. Or, the Horse Racing bonus is a great animated bonus round with a potential 1000x jackpot!

PADDY SAID: “This game is our most popular slot game of all time. Again, we built this slot in-house and fully ‘Paddy Power’ branded it with a full blown Irish theme – Leprechauns, lucky charms, horse racing – the lot. Naturally, customers flocked to it.

“The game is packed with bonus rounds such as unlimited free spins, a legends of horse racing bonus round and various multipliers. Customers have really enjoyed this slot since its launch in 2014 and month-on-month it’s one of our most popular slots. It represents Paddy Power perfectly and we are delighted it’s exclusive only to Paddy Power Games.”

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Slot
Deal or No Deal Slot

This iconic game is known by everyone and loved by most. The slot version seen on Paddy Power has a shiny video intro, as well as music and visuals from the TV show, so fans will be pleased. From the iconic mug to the banker himself, the symbols complete the effect of being in the studio.

The Jackpot bonus game is where the action is at, giving players a shot at the progressive jackpot, though there are several bonuses on this game.

PADDY SAID: “The worldwide phenomenon TV show went and brought out their range of slot games a few years back and they have proved to be just as popular as the TV show.

“Customers are regularly beating the banker with slots such as the Banker’s Riches Jackpot Slot, What’s in Your Box slot game and an actual version of the TV Show layout where you pick and box and go through all the rounds. It’s brilliant! Very popular with slots players and also sports punters alike.”

Daily Jackpots

Lucky Wizard Slot Game
Lucky Wizard Slot Game

Daily Jackpots are definitely one of Paddy Power’s secret weapons, that new and old players love. This is a collection of slot games, including Lucky Wizard, Lucky Valentine and Gems Gone Wild.

These varied and fun games share a simple trick – the jackpot will drop every single day, guaranteed. This can be upwards of 10k! Watch out for Wild Wild Chest, a game with a classic Wild West theme and a cast of characters that will make you realise how the slot got this ‘chesty’ name.

PADDY SAID: “Imagine a world where you could win a jackpot every day before midnight. Welcome to Paddy Power Games Daily Jackpots. Basically, it does exactly what it says on the tin – a Daily Jackpot that must drop before midnight, 365 days a year.

“With an average jackpot amount of about €13,000 and 14 slot games to choose from, these Daily Jackpots have proved to be hugely successful since their launch in 2016. Also, we have 10 Free Spins for Daily Jackpots for every single new and existing customer onsite at the moment which is well worth checking out. 10 free chances to win a jackpot? Yes please.”

These games are well worth checking out when you visit Paddy Power – you can take it from the man himself! This is a particularly good time to join the growing PP family, as there are 10 free spins up for grabs for the daily jackpots, plus a nice welcome bonus.

Deposit £10 and get £30 to play with, perfect for trying out Mr Paddy Power’s recommendations, or sports betting, live casino and even bingo.

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