EURO FIRST: Open-air casino launches in south of France

  • Partouche opens the very first open-air casino in France, offering a different gambling experience
  • All players at Pleinair Casino will soon be able to enjoy pioneering VIP smart cards

The south of France has witnessed a casino first for Europe.

The Pleinair Casino in the south of France will offer casino gaming in beautiful surroundings.
Artists’ impression of the Pleinair Casino in the south of France will offer casino gaming in beautiful surroundings.

The Groupe Partouche opened the brand new, very first open-air casino in the country in the picturesque seaside town of La Ciotat, near Marseille.

Named Pleinair Casino, among its many novel features, this open-air facility will feature smart cards designed to provide all casino customers with an even more enjoyable experience.

Gambling in fresh air

Partouche announced and started the construction of the first open-air casino almost exactly a year ago. La Ciotat is a well-known shipbuilding town in the vicinity of Marseille, and it was selected as the destination for the new concept.

Everyone playing in this new casino will be able to enjoy their time during good and bad weather alike, as there are large umbrellas covering the area. There are 150 slot machines, situated both inside and outside. One of the big advantages that will certainly appeal to some of the customers is they’ll be allowed to smoke while playing their favorite games.

The casino has been designed in a boat-hull style, with a large terrace covering 1,300 square meters. Initially, the plan was to open the casino to the public in March, but certain issues caused a delay.

But the small delay will only be a minor concern – idea has been in existence for 12 years, but various legal and economic obstacles, as well as regulation, kept preventing the start of the project.

Boosting players’ experience

In addition to being able to play in the open air and enjoy the beautiful scenery while trying out the games, players will also soon get to take advantage of all the perks offered by the new V2 smart card by Hong Kong’s MeReal Biometrics.

Patrick Partouche, who is on the boards of the both, Partouche and MeReal Biometrics, didn’t try to hide his excitement at the opening of Pleinair Casino. He was happy that the casino has finally become a reality but also that his idea about a smart card that could help them easily identify all of their players has been realized.

The card, featuring a small and fast fingerprint sensor, will first be used by the employees to allow them access to the restricted casino areas. However, in the near future, Partouche hopes to expand the card application to encompass all of the players registered with one of their casino properties. That number is currently around one million.

These smart cards will enable players to quickly redeem their loyalty points, receive and make payments, and much more, avoiding any complicated processes. The card relies on new technologies and uses fingerprint authentication, making it highly secure and reliable.

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