Online casinos step up their fight to protect players from cyber attacks

  • Online casinos investing in military-grade protection for players
  • Hacking, game integrity and fraud top the list of cyber security concerns

Casinos have always been focused on preventing fraud and criminal activity from eating into their profits, but since the industry began to move online, the battle has become more intense, as online casinos attempt to defend themselves against cyber attacks.

These attacks can be hard to identify and are often even harder to prosecute, so online casinos have been forced to invest heavily in cyber security measures.

Hacking is the most obvious risk. As new casino game software is developed and upgraded, it can be vulnerable to hacking, and it is often online players who are on the receiving end of these hacking crimes. Some are malicious and designed to bring down a casino’s website, but others are more sinister and can include targeted strategies designed to acquire customers’ details and financial information. To protect themselves, and their customers, online casinos are increasingly relying on military-grade encryption and remote data storage.

Game integrity

Game integrity is another vital area of concern. The random number generators used in online casino games have to be demonstrably fair as well as impenetrable, not just to ensure the casino’s profits but to give players confidence in the integrity of the games they are playing. To this end, casinos often try to ring-fence their games, either through hosting them on separate servers or by deploying industry-leading cyber security measures.

Casinos are also always alert to people gaming the system through algorithms or other external means. Even players using third-party software or making recommendations on how to play a particular hand can find themselves falling foul of the casino’s attempts to maintain an impenetrable cyber defense, as they try to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

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