The innovative online casino looking to reward developers for making great games

  • Pioneering online casino will incentivize games developers to improve player experience
  • DAO.Casino is based on an innovative platform it claims increases transparency and fairness for players

A pioneering casino hopes that a new reward scheme for game makers will lead to improved quality and choice for its players.

DAO.Casino, based on the Ethereum software development protocol, is looking to reward its game developers in order to encourage innovation
DAO.Casino, based on the Ethereum software development protocol, is looking to reward its game developers in order to encourage innovation

The new bounty program by cryptocurrency-based DAO.Casino is expected to help open-source casino game developers to monetize their work and maintain the rights to their games.

In short, DAO.Casino hopes this will make them more likely to develop top quality games for its site. But players will have to wait, DAO.Casino has tentatively suggested it will go live in April 2017.

The casino is based on the largely unheard of Ethereum, a new decentralised software development platform. It uses a blockchain, just like bitcoin, which it is claimed removes the element of human interference, making it fair and transparent.

DAO.Casino is based on innovative ‘ecosystem’

DAO.Casino has announced this developer reward scheme as part of its ethos of being open and transparent, in the same way that many bitcoin casinos pitch themselves. As part of that it wants a fair reward scheme that benefits developers who contribute their time and expertise to add value the casino players’ experience.

The new bounty system operates as an ‘autonomous economy’ which means that resources are shared fairly according to a governing protocol, so, again the casino can be seen as fair and open to all of its stakeholders, from developers to contributors and players. DAO calls this their ‘ecosystem’.

The rewards that developers generate as tokens can also be allocated for other projects such as marketing, development and even charitable activities. This ultimately allows developers to create games that are self sustaining while creating a more direct link between the creators and the players.

In this way DAO.Casino hopes its platform is a step ahead of conventional gaming enterprises. The combination of financial transparency, bounty rewards and a decentralized funding process that puts players closer to the inner workings of the casino is seen as a major selling point.

A new online casino, the Edgeless Casino is also using the Ethereum platform, so this particular niche appears to be hotting up.


For many, it is a fair job to understand bitcoin, let alone Ethereum, which is supposed to take the blockchain concept to the next level.

What is clear is that innovation in the online casino world is going to continue at a heady pace, and at the moment the bitcoin and cryptocurrency-style casinos are grabbing headlines. Unless you’re prepared to do some research, DAO.Casino and its other Ethereum-based contemporaries are likely to only be frequented by the tech savvy.

But we should all watch with interest, because if one thing is guaranteed in the online casino world, is that nothing will stay the same for long.

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