Online casino players welcome Samsung Galaxy S8 to the market

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 available in stores now
  • Perfect smartphone for online casino players and streaming

The tech world is buzzing with news that the latest Samsung smartphone has finally hit the shelves in the UK, just days after home nation South Korea announced it was struggling to meet demand.

Packing a whole host of tech, the new Galaxy S8 is set to be a hit with online casino players; the model is more powerful and has a better screen than its older sibling, which was also popular among players.

The hotly anticipated mobile phone has already broken records for pre-order sales, with one million ordered before it shipped to European markets. First day sales in the UK and the US are expected to far exceed this figure.

Why all the fuss for a smartphone?

Elevate your everyday. #UnboxYourPhone with the Infinity Display on the #GalaxyS8.

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Samsung has long been the market leader in smartphone production, although a rough year in 2016 hit them hard and saw Apple edge ahead. Despite major problems with half-gen release the Galaxy Note 7, fans of the brand have not deserted their favourite cell phone company – and Samsung looks set to benefit from that loyalty through high sales of the new device.

But what makes it so special? Firstly, this is no ordinary mobile. It has the inner workings of a pretty decent laptop, squeezed into a pocket-sized device that is almost entirely screen, with no wasted space. It has better connectivity, more options to customise, and a display that is close to perfect.

Online casino players on the Samsung S8

Whatever your online casino game of preference may be, this is the ideal phone to play it. The Android 7.0 is compatible with your favourite casino and betting apps, while the eight-core CPU is powerful enough to run live dealer games without dropping out. Join poker and roulette games without fear of lag or disconnection, and get in more games per hour with a more responsive and quick response to your actions.

The 5.8 inch screen looks far bigger than it is, thanks to the infinity display that wraps around the sides. The Galaxy S8 also features the Samsung curves you expect, so this is one of the most comfortable phones to hold during long mobile casino sessions. The touchscreen is sensitive enough to require little effort, but intelligent enough to ignore mistaken swipes, and it includes facial recognition for maximum security helping you keep your money safe.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: An introduction from Samsung

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