Why online casino players are getting excited for the iPhone 7S

  • iPhone 7S Plus confirmed for release in late 2017
  • Better display and processor make it perfect for online casino players

Apple have confirmed that the iPhone 7S Plus will launch later this year, alongside the expected iPhone 7S and in advance of the iPhone 8 release.

This flurry of activity from the leading smartphone developer has got the tech sector buzzing, and it is proving an exciting announcement for all those connected to the online casino industry.

Better mobile technology means a wider range of games, better player connectivity and more options for interacting with the casino games and services on offer. Check out why the iPhone 7S is sure to be welcomed when it launches.

Is the iPhone 7S Plus out now?

Iphone 7S Plus
Iphone 7S Plus

Unfortunately, we have to wait a while longer for the newest iPhone series instalment. Near rival Samsung brought its Galaxy S8 out this month, and it is already selling well, but it remains to be seen whether this will help or harm the Apple device. The new iPhone is not due until later in 2017 – tech experts suggest mid to late September is likely.

Chances are, this will work in Apple’s favour. Samsung rushed to bring the Galaxy Note 7 to market, and it turned out to be a dangerous disaster. Perhaps holding back is a wise move. Meanwhile, there are rumours that the iPhone 8 will launch just weeks after the 7S series – so is it really worth buying? Here’s why we think the 7S is a top choice for gamers and gamblers.

iPhone benefits for online casino players

Iphone 7S Plus
Iphone 7S Plus

Despite the delay in release and the chance that it will be overshadowed a month or two later, there are many reasons to consider picking up an iPhone 7S Plus – especially as a regular online casino game player. Firstly, the price of the device compared with the Samsung alternative is more than favourable. This is not the next generation, but a current-gen upgrade, and it will retail at a far lower price than its 8 series cousin.

That doesn’t mean there is a trade-off in value. The 7S Plus has a high-tech OLED display, compatible with HD graphics, so your favourite games will look stunning and all features will load just as they should. It is also expected to boast a larger screen and an impressive 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution – which all point towards a better, bolder gaming experience. Throw in a more reliable internet connection and the latest iPhone-compatible apps, and you have a great little phone for casino and betting at home or on the move at mobile casinos.

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