Online casino player spins $50 into a staggering $99,000 jackpot

  • A Liberty Slots player spins $50 into a $99,000 balance
  • Harold S. caught an amazing hot streak on the WGS new Caribbean Gold slot

We’ve already become accustomed to players winning big jackpots playing online slots. However, usually, when there is a big five, six, or seven-figure win, it is connected to a progressive jackpot that’s been accumulating for some time. That wasn’t the case with a Liberty Slots player who decided to try his luck on the WGS Caribbean Gold slot and ended up spinning $150 into $99,000 straight up playing.

liberty slots jackpot winner

Just looking to have some fun

According to a statement the winner, Harold S., gave to Liberty Slots, he was looking for something to pass the time during Saturday night. He ended up depositing $50 at Liberty Slots to try his luck with some slots, explaining he liked this particular online casino because it offers some games that are not offered by many casino operators.

Caribbean Gold is one such a game. The new release by WGS features a well-known pirate theme, with players embarking on a treasure hunt across different Caribbean islands, looking to unearth the hidden riches.

Initially, things didn’t go so well for Harold, as he lost his initial $50 deposit and another one after that. It was on his third $50 that his luck started to change, although he had no idea just how much.

Amazing hot streak

Things started to happen when Harold finally managed to score a significant win, parlaying his $50 deposit into a $600 balance. At this point, he decided it would be a good idea to really go for it and upped his bets. He could hardly imagine what was about to happen.

Harold went on the hot streak of his life, with one big hit coming after another, constantly growing his balance. Two hours later, he was up to $75,000, increasing his starting deposit by an astounding 1,500x.

At this point, he decided to take a break and catch some sleep, but he wasn’t done just yet. The lucky winner returned for some more action on Sunday afternoon and his hot run continued. He added another $24,000 to his balance, deciding to end things with $99,000 in his Liberty Slots account.

Stories like these don’t happen often, but that’s what makes it even more amazing when they do. Folks at Liberty Slots was equally excited about the win, emphasizing Caribbean Gold is a very popular slot among their players.

In fact, to celebrate this special win, the casino is giving away $10 to all new players, and you can use them to try your luck with Caribbean Gold or any other game of your choice. All you have to do is use the code ‘LSCGFREE10’ when registering.


Jackpot stories – we’ve seen them before. But, as explained in this piece, it’s rare that they don’t come from a progressive jackpot. Of course, it’s good news for the winner who, in typical fashion has chosen to stay anonymous. If anything, this story goes to show that the big wins don’t just come from the main – or best know – online casinos. It’s always worth looking around to find a casino or game that you like, or which suits your playing style. Who knows, it may pay off as it did for Harold.

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