Online casino Fantasino will offer a virtual world for players to explore

  • Fantasino to offer video game-like elements to explore in addition to casino games
  • Move echoes similar innovations in other online and real world casinos

The much awaited online casino Fantasino opened its virtual doors to new customers this week. The, hook, it says, is that players will be offered a unique world, packed with video game-like elements, in a bid to attract a younger demographic.

Online casino Fantasino virtual world
Online casino Fantasino will offer a virtual world for players to explore

Fantasino, which operates on a wide array of devices including Android, iPad and iPhone, has a bold colour palette and theme to entice visitors and uses a huge array of different sources for its available games. NetEnt, NYX and Evolution are all strongly represented, while there are also a huge number of games from smaller companies such as Playson, Leander and Hybrino. Fantasino has also announced plans to add Microgaming games to their roster in due course.

In a move which is becoming speculated as a potential way to expand online casino visitors, Fantasino promises a virtual world for customers to explore, even featuring new discoveries, quests, and other ways to set the casino apart from the standard layout. The introduction of video game-like elements into both online and offline casinos is becoming increasingly common as casino bosses bid to capture a new millennial market.

A virtual world for emerging markets

New players registering to Fantasino will create a custom avatar which they will use for not only playing the casino games but exploring the open world in the software.

“I’ve always been a fan of gamification and I believe everyone has a weakness towards video games…. It’s not a matter of simply giving badges with no purpose; we wanted players to be able to interact with the website, like a video game.”
Andres Blanco, a Fantasino founder

Gamification is another word to describe the adding of video game-like elements such as skill, strategy, and hitting milestones or goals. It is being increasingly used by online casinos and game developers to improve the gameplay experience, attract a younger market and to hold the player’s attention longer.


Expect to see more and more of these online casino virtual worlds and video game-style experiences. There are all sorts of reasons online casinos want to offer this to customers – the appeal to new markets, increasing player gaming time and enhancing their experience are just a few. New players in the market like Fantasino are realising that they have to be different to attract customers and more choice is always good news for players.

But those who have no interest in the ‘gamification’ of online casinos need not worry either. Your much-loved slot games and online casino games won’t be disappearing any time soon. As the player, you have the power, so be choosy and tailor your gaming experience to your own preferences.

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