OJ Simpson receives parole hearing over his armed robbery at a Vegas casino

  • Simpson, who famously walked free from murder trial over the killing of his estranged wife receives parole hearing
  • The former sports star, who has reportedly been a model inmate, could be walk from prison by October 1

Former sports icon, actor OJ Simpson is once more back in the spotlight after being granted a parole hearing for 20th July. The football star, known as The Juice, has spent the past eight years in a Nevada state prison after pleading guilty to a botched armed robbery at the Palace Station Casino in Vegas.

oj simpson parole hearing casino
OJ Simpson has been granted a parole hearing on July 20

And, despite not having been seen in public in years, Simpson’s name has rarely been out of the spotlight.

Last year, interest in the polarising figure peaked, despite the fact that Simpson hadn’t committed a folly since his casino showdown in Vegas in 2007. Rather, it was on account of the 20th anniversary of the so-called Trial of the Century, which included a slew of retrospective documentaries plus a dramatisation of the trial starring Cuba Gooding Jr as Simpson.

Simpson stunned half of America by walking away with a not guilty verdict following his murder trial over the killing of estranged wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Sentenced to 33 years in jail

OJ’s luck didn’t hold up in October 2008 however when he was sentenced to 33 years in jail for his part in a crime that saw two sports memorabilia dealers being ‘greeted’ at gunpoint in a hotel room in the Palace Station Casino.

According to reports, OJ and five others entered the hotel and casino looking to ‘take back’ mementos from his former sporting career that, they had been informed, the two defendants had on their person. During his trial, Simpson claimed that he was unaware guns would be involved.

At sentencing, Simpson was ordered to serve a minimum of nine years years in jail before he could be considered for release, but was subsequently granted a chance of parole five years into his sentence, and appeared to be contrite and remorseful when he appeared before the parole panel. That appeal was turned down, as was one the following year in 2014. Those initial nine years are now almost up, which means it’s D-day for OJ all over again.

At the time of his sentencing, Simpson’s imprisonment marked 13 years to the day since he was cleared of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. His lawyers had attempted to claim that the severity of the Vegas hotel incident had been overblown and that a vengeful prosecutor was seeking retribution for Simpson having walked free from The Trial of the Century all those years earlier. Their pleas fell on deaf ears and OJ found himself sentenced to over three decades in jail.

One thing that should count in favour of Lovelock Correctional Facility’s most famous inmate is the fact that he’s been a model prisoner since his incarceration. This, coupled with his advancing years (the former football star is now 69) may just be enough to swing the parole panel towards granting Simpson’s release.

Should The Juice walk at the third attempt, it’s likely he’ll return home to a distinctly quieter life than the high profile lifestyle he enjoyed following his acquittal in 1995.

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