OJ Simpson back in Las Vegas after sentence for casino robbery concludes

  • Former pro athlete served nine years for armed robbery
  • Parole board confirms disgraced star will live in Las Vegas

OJ Simpson has been released from jail after serving nine years of his sentence for armed robbery, handed down when the star was involved in seizing sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas casino hotel.

OJ Simpson back in Las Vegas
OJ Simpson back in Las Vegas after sentence for casino robbery concludes

The former NFL player, perhaps best known for his 1995 acquittal in the murder of his wife and her lover, was jailed in Nevada for his part in the robbery.

The state’s parole board confirmed that Simpson will live in Las Vegas “for the foreseeable future”.

Casino robbery sentence ends

In September 2013, Simpson is said to have entered a room at the Palace Station casino and hotel, along with five other men, which contained sports memorabilia relating to OJ Simpson’s career, owned by Alfred Beardsley.

However, Simpson felt that the sporting treasure trove belonged to him.

Armed with guns, the group are said to have threatened Beardsley and made off with the collection. Simpson was arrested shortly after the incident and sentenced to between 9 and 33 years.

With good behaviour (and now a vulnerable seventy-year-old), Simpson was ruled to have met his parole conditions at his first hearing.

Acquitted killer to make home in Las Vegas

Simpson’s sentence for the casino resort robbery was seen by many as poetic justice, as the verdict came on the anniversary of his acquittal for murder.

The ex-footballer is thought to have killed his wife Nicole Brown and her close friend Ronald Goldman, though a jury ruled him not guilty in a historic trial that was televised and shown live around the world.

The former star told his parole hearing that he wanted to live in Florida, where his children live, and said that he was looking forward to spending time with his family.

However, Florida’s state attorney has made clear that Simpson would not be welcome there, and the Corrections Department stated they had not received any transfer request.

For now, Simpson will be a Nevada resident, the State Division of Parole and Probation has confirmed.

His exact location has not been disclosed to prevent a media frenzy, so the disgraced star can attempt to return to normal life.

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