Novomatic’s Snake Rattle & Roll shimmies its way to the online casino

  • Casumo Casino get to give players a first-time play of Novomatic’s new Snake Rattle & Roll
  • Game offers an innovative new take on the snakes and ladders theme, complete with progressive jackpot

Casumo Casino is set to be the first to let players try our the latest online slot game from developer Novomatic’s, known as Snake Rattle & Roll. The 5-reel effort comes bearing a progressive jackpot and a whole bunch of colourful characters.

The slot is of course inspired by the classic board game of Snakes & Ladders, but Novomatic has taken things in its own direction, transforming Snake Rattle & Roll into much more than just a linear adventure.

Symbols coming to life

The snakes are thankfully cartoonish rather than terrifyingly real, though the animations have been rendered so convincingly that when one of the serpents raises its head, you almost brace yourself for impact.

Aside from the fairly standard looking playing cards which make up the lower value symbols, every other symbol in this game is alive, whether it’s snakes coiling vertically and horizontally across the board or Indian gentlemen scurrying about trying to avoid the slithering serpents.

The 20-payline Snake Rattle & Roll can be played from as little as 0.2 per spin and is fully mobile compatible. Sliding Wilds, in which those snake symbols come to life and invade the board every which way, is the game’s most eye-catching feature, but it’s the Snakes and Ladders feature which is the most powerful. It can dispense cash multipliers, extra wilds and free spins.

Progressive jackpot up for grabs

To win that elusive and highly coveted progressive jackpot, you’ll need to make your way to the top of the board in the Snakes and Ladders feature, avoiding all the pitfalls laid in your way.

When your time on the game board is over, the various wilds, free spins and multipliers you’ve accumulated will be totted up and doled out. Choose whether you’d like your spins to be collected on a set of reels containing 20, 40 or 50 paylines and then sit back and watch your wins come in.

Although Novomatic aren’t the first developer to recreate Snakes & Ladders in slot form, theirs can stake a claim for being among the best attempts to date. From the animations to the inventive use of the feature wheel, every last aspect of this slot has been well thought out, providing ample entertainment as you chase down that progressive jackpot.

UK players wanting to get their hands on Snake Rattle & Roll can try it exclusively at Casumo Casino alongside such mighty slots as Kingdom of Legend, Jewels of the Sea and Rainbow Reels.

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