Is online poker coaching content coming to an end for Ivey League?

  • Poker star’s site is reportedly ceasing uploading poker coaching content
  • It’s alleged that content will end due to ‘current state of online poker’

In a move that’s sure to provoke speculation from poker buffs, it has been reported by Casino News Daily that Ivey League has announced that it is to stop uploading new coaching content.

The poker training site, founded by veteran Phil Ivey, has been regarded as one of the best resources on the web for poker strategy and training tips. As of May 1st however, there will be no new video training content available.

Phil Ivey's Ivey League site will no longer publish tutorial content
Phil Ivey’s Ivey League site will no longer publish tutorial content

‘Current state of poker’

What’s interesting about this decision is that the reason given for the hiatus is the ‘current state of poker’, which raises the question: what is the current state of poker?

Many of the poker-related stories that have emerged this year have seemingly spoken of an industry in gradual decline. We’ve also witnessed online casinos and poker operators releasing figures showing a downturn in poker revenue. In the case of companies such as Amaya, this has coincided with growth in other gambling markets, such as online casino and sports betting in particular.

Gambling operators whose sole focus is poker have been feeling the squeeze though. Online poker revenue peaked around 2012 in most countries, and has been in decline ever since.

In land-based casinos, there has also been evidence that the game is no longer ‘en vogue’, with a number of Las Vegas casinos shuttering or downsizing their poker rooms. Do these trends tie in with Ivey League’s decision and statement about the ‘current state of poker’?

Teaching players to master the game

Whatever the case, the move will disappoint subscribers of the popular poker website. While existing content will remain on the site, yearly subscribers will be refunded and those holding monthly subscriptions will be given the option of cancelling them at any time moving forward.

The Ivey League site launched with great fanfare in 2014, with Phil Ivey’s involvement helping to convince many budding poker pros to sign up. In the past three years there’s been a steady stream of content uploaded to the site, including many instructional videos detailing the intricacies of mastering No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha among other games.

Can the decision by Ivey League to halt all new content be taken as further evidence that the game is in terminal decline? One of the reasons being cited for this possible downturn is the lack of innovation which, according to many, means that the game today is barely any different from how it was when online poker took off in the early 2000s. With other forms of casino gambling growing in popularity and poker waning, one wonders what the next year will bring for the game.

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