Bruce Willis alleged to have enjoyed late-night visit to a Glasgow casino

  • Die Hard star and four friends allegedly visited Stakis Riverboat Casino in 1998
  • Casino manager reportedly lost her job after not abiding by casino rules

We would expect little else from the man who epitomises everything about the alpha male. John McClane in the Die Hard franchise, Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction – Bruce Willis has had some of the toughest roles in Hollywood.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that in 1998 Willis scored even more man points by reportedly taking his mates on a trip to the Stakis Riverboat Casino in Glasgow.

bruce willis casino visit

As reported by Glasgow Live, Willis and his pals were golfing at Prestwick before getting a cab to the heart of Glasgow and hitting the casino. However, according to the story, Willis was alleged to be £30,000 down by the end of the night after losing on the Blackjack and Stud tables.

Casino manager dismissed

That August night in 1998, Mary Turner was the casino manager but ended up reportedly losing her job due to the visit of Willis and Co.

Gaming board rules stated that only members were allowed to gamble at the Riverboat casino and a new member had to wait 24 hours before being allowed to hit the tables and wager.

However, sensing an opportunity (and the help of an alleged £70,000 bond laid down by Willis), Turner bent the rules and allowed the Die Hard star and his pals to take part in gambling at the Riverboat casino.

Due to the difficulty of keeping quiet the visit of a Hollywood superstar to your establishment, the Stakis Riverboat Casino had little choice but to dismiss Turner from her duties after she lost her licence to run a casino for a year.

VIP Treatment no guarantee of luck

Despite receiving the best VIP treatment from Riverboat staff, Willis was reportedly £30,000 down after a six-hour session at the casino. Blackjack and Stud were Willis’s reported games of choice without little like it seems.

It appears that being Hollywood A-lister does not necessarily bring you a run of luck at the casino.

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