New Jersey tells Trump: hands off our poker

  • New Jersey’s General Assembly has sent a strong message to the Trump Administration
  • Assembly President and Democrat, Vincent Mazzeo introduced the resolution

New Jersey’s General Assembly has sent a strong and unambiguous message to the Trump administration urging it not to meddle in the state’s online poker. A unanimous 75-0 vote, with five abstainers, encouraged the president to oppose Restore America’s Wire Act.

New Jersey Trump
Hands off: New Jersey has sent a strong message to President Trump

The controversial federal bill would prohibit all US states from offering online gambling. After Nevada, New Jersey is the US location most synonymous with gambling, and many of Atlantic City’s casino operators derive significant revenue from online gaming.

‘Oppose measures and actions’

Democrat and Assembly President Vincent Mazzeo introduced the strongly worded resolution kicking back against the Wire Act which “Urges United States President Trump, members of his administration, and Congress to oppose measures and actions to prohibit states from authorizing and conducting Internet gaming.”

Although the resolution and its unanimous passage will have no bearing on Restore America’s Wire Act or the actions of the Trump administration, it was intended as a symbolic gesture.

New Jersey is heavily reliant on its gambling industry, with thousands of employees directly dependant upon the trade and many more indirectly benefiting from the land-based and online casinos offered by Atlantic City casinos.

New Jersey’s stance

The intention of Vincent Mazzeo and the General Assembly was to spell out New Jersey’s stance on the matter, and to send a message that attempts to meddle in their online gambling trade, of which poker forms a key component, will be vigorously opposed.

Mazzeo is a vociferous proponent of gambling, although some of his fellow Assembly members weren’t so sure when the official tried to push through a similar resolution three years ago. This time around, the Assembly was in complete agreement in its opposition to the federal online gambling ban.

The anti-gambling legislation, which has been on the horizon for years, has yet to move any closer to passing into law, but the threat of RAWA (Restoration of America’s Wire Act) has not diminished either.

Curiously, one of the backers of the bill is Sheldon Adelson, a casino mogul who believes onling gambling reduces his revenue. It has led many to argue that RAWA is less about protecting American citizens and more about the concerns of a few individuals.

If the controversial bill were to pass into law, things could get messy, with New Jersey believed to be willing and ready to sue the federal government. In passing a resolution reminding the Trump administration of their stance, New Jersey politicians will be hoping to ensure that day never comes.

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