New Jersey Senator looking to remove border restrictions on casino games

  • Senator Lesniak wants to allow New Jersey gaming sites to accept players from other US states and regulated countries
  • Lesniak’s plan, if successful, could bring about the revolution for online gambling in the States

New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak is one of the biggest proponents of regulated online poker and gambling in the state and, possibly, in the entire USA.

Now, he wants to take his efforts to a whole new level by proposing a law that would remove border restrictions and allow players from other states to play casino games regulated in New Jersey.

This could be potentially a huge step for New Jersey and players from all over the country if Lesniak is successful in his intentions.

Namely, right now, due to federal laws, states are limited to offering games only to people physically present within their borders, which significantly limits the player pool and potential earnings for the casino operators. By spreading outside the state borders, New Jersey could become an absolute giant on the regulated US market.

Raymond Lesniak online poker
Raymond Lesniak

Regulated states only

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The bad news for people living in the states where online gambling isn’t regulated is that they couldn’t simply register and play with a site like PokerStars NJ. Senator Lesniak’s proposal only involves already regulated states, meaning Delaware and Nevada (online poker) thus far.

However, this would still make things much easier, avoiding the need for interstate-compacts and potentially allowing all newly regulated states to join in without any further legislative complications and procedures.

The biggest problem with this system would probably be geolocation, i.e. determining a player’s physical location when they log in to play. Setting up properly working and glitch-free geolocation systems has proven to be challenging even within a single state, and with several states in the picture, things are likely to become increasingly complicated.

Another interesting thing that’s being mentioned is allowing players from other countries with regulated online gambling to join in. This means that, potentially, players from Europe, for example, would once again be able to play with their fellow players from the States.

Other important changes

Apart from changes for the players, Lesniak’s proposal would also remove the requirement for the gambling companies to have servers physically located in Atlantic City. It would also allow international companies to set up businesses bases in the state.

Senator Lesniak has big plans for New Jersey and he wants to turn the state into “the Mecca of Internet gaming,” according to his statement for the Associated Press. The senator believes these changes would significantly boost the state’s economy, creating new jobs and fueling technological advancements.

Of course, there are many hurdles along the way that need to be dealt with, and the federal law might be the biggest one. Opening state borders and allowing people from other US states and other countries to play might contradict with current federal provisions, and this is just the first obstacle.

All that being said, it would be great to finally see the veil lifted from the US online gaming scene and real efforts being made towards allowing players from the States to play as a part of a much bigger player pool, especially when it comes to online poker.

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