National Lottery ticket sales slump and further declines expected

  • Charities earned £76.7 million less in second quarter of 2017
  • Many lottery customers have complained about recent game changes

Many charities are set to lose a significant chunk of funding after figures released this week showed a drop in the number of people playing the National Lottery.

National Lottery ticket sales
National Lottery ticket sales slump

According to the Gambling Commission, between April and June of this year, the amount going to good causes from the National Lottery proceeds fell by £76.7 million.

This was the fifth consecutive quarter of poor lottery sales, during which the amount of money raised for charities by the lottery fell more than £420 million on the preceding five quarters.

The situation is so bad that in July this year it was announced that the UK taxpayer may have to pay £75 million towards Team GB’s preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games because Camelot have predicted a further decline in ticket sales during the remainder of 2017-18.

The latest figures have been met with concern by many arts and sports organisations that rely on lottery funding face.

Economic uncertainty

A spokesperson for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport pointed out that although the Lottery had raised more than £1.6 billion for good causes in 2016, sales are expected to continue to decline because of economic uncertainty, and suggested that Lottery organisers Camelot needed to take steps to address the issue.

Camelot has admitted that its core draw-bases games had performed poorly, particularly Lotto, and it identified fragile player confidence in the game following changes to the rules as the main problem.

Some lottery customers have complained that the addition of ten extra balls in the Lotto draw and a doubling of the price had put them off playing, as the odds of winning the jackpot had increased significantly.

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