Can Mr Green’s new bit of tech really stop problem gambling before it starts?

  • Psychologist Dr Richard Wood will evaluate the Gaming Predictive Tool
  • Tool released last month to help players to manage their own risk

Online casino and sportsbook Mr Green has revealed that a top gaming behaviour psychologist will be working to evaluate their Green Gaming Predictive Tool.

Can a tool to predict possible dangerous levels of gambling really work? An expert psychologist is attempting to find out.
Can a tool to predict possible dangerous levels of gambling really work? An expert psychologist is attempting to find out.

Dr Richard Wood, a specialist in gambling behaviour, will be analysing the tool, which was launched last month. It has been designed to allow Mr Green customers to monitor their own playing style, and to enable them to understand and manage their own risk behaviour.

The launch is timely with increased focus in the media and among regulators about responsible gambling and player safety.

Dr Wood’s work involves investigating the individual causes of problem gambling, as well as analysing the characteristics of games that can have an influence on gambling behaviour in vulnerable people.

He also owns and runs GamRes, which is a well-known independent research company involved in designing and evaluating responsible gambling strategies.

Playing behaviour

Speaking about the involvement of Dr Wood in an interview with, the CEO of Mr Green, Jesper Karrbrink, said that the psychologist would help the company to build on their initial concept and to develop the idea further.

“We have built the Green Gaming tool together with Sustainable Interaction, adding Dr Wood’s expertise I think we have a strong team evaluating the effect a tool like this can have on players, Mr Green and perhaps even the industry.”

The tool works by carrying out ongoing analyses of a customer’s playing behaviour and then comparing it to their own perception of how they play, enabling them to get a clearer picture of their risk behaviour.

It is also able to highlight players whose gaming behaviour is putting them at risk and warn them that they should consider setting different stake limits or refraining from playing for a period.

When an at-risk player is taking a break from playing the online site’s game, the company will not send that player any direct sales messages.

According to Dr Wood, his evaluation will help to establish what value such a tool can offer to the player, including those who are at risk.

He said: “By combining player’s behavioural data and player feedback, we should be able to see the extent to which players agree with and act on the feedback, information and recommendations that they get.”

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