Meet the Emoji Money instant win game that will have you crying with laughter

  • Emoji Money is an instant win casino game that offers up to £10,000 in prizes
  • Developer, IWG has designed the game to appeal to casual online casino fans

The world app, there’s no escaping the onslaught of emojis. You can bemoan the overuse of the crying with laughter emoji all you like, but there’s no avoiding it, along with the suite of other’s that form your go-to reactive set when it comes to digitally expressing your emotions.

emoji money instant win game

With The Emoji Movie, starring the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden and Anna Faris poised to drop, it’s a good time to be an
emoji-lover or to be a company releasing multimedia devoted to those lovable little yellow faces.

Instant win games

IWG is one such company, their name an acronym for Instant Win Games. No prizes for guessing where their speciality lies. Emoji Money is the name of IWG’s latest casino game, and it’s one that looks like being successful in luring casual players into taking a closer look.

Emoji Money is a low limit game, one that has been designed to entice bingo and online casino players. Like all instant win games, it’s designed to be one that can be picked up and mastered easily.

In the game, players get to pick their favourite emojis from the selection displayed before clicking to discover whether they’ve won by matching the emojis that are picked randomly. With up to £10,000 to be won, Emoji Money is certainly worth a shot, despite the low stakes that are required to play it.

Launching soon

IWG’s games are designed with a mobile audience in mind, so Emoji Money is well suited to being played on smartphone and tablet devices.

Not surprisingly, the developer has timed the release date of Emoji Money for mid July, around the same time that The Emoji Movie will be debuting in cinemas. While some moviegoers may find the notion of an emoji-themed film preposterous, it’s worth remembering that Angry Birds was converted into a movie and with some success.

But which emoji will be the star of Emoji Money? That’s up to you to decide, but should you succeed in winning a large sum of cash from IWG’s newest game, it’s safe to say you’ll find yourself with a favourite new emoji in your life.


You may scoff at emoji’s – unless your under the age of 18 – but it’s difficult to ignore their popularity in modern pop culture. Bearing that in mind, it was only a matter of time before they appeared at the online casino. Of course, what makes Emoji Money interesting is its different approach to winning some cash. Instant win always sounds appealing, doesn’t it? And it’s that kind of draw that will make this game appealing. According to IWG it’s supposed to appeal to casual online casino fans and bingo players because of its simple gameplay and pretty instant gratification. There is a real trend at the moment for social games, more mobile-friendly casino experiences and a different approach that will open up the casino world to a new audience. There’s every chance that games like this will go some way towards doing that. And it’s always fun to look at a smiley face to too, right?

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