Magnet Gaming reveal Haunted House progressive jackpot slot

  • New Haunted House slot features a spooky theme with great visuals and edgy sounds
  • The game comes with heaps of exciting bonus features to keep players entertained

If you happen to be on a lookout for a new and different slot, the new game that’s been released by Magnet Gaming might just be the answer. Named Haunted House, this slot features nicely designed visuals and sound effects to boot, especially for the fans of the horror genre.

However, you shouldn’t be dissuaded by the game’s slogan, as Haunted House isn’t as scary as you might think at first, and even if you are among those who get scared relatively easily, you’ll probably still enjoy this game very much.

Sound & Visuals

Haunted House is set on the backdrop of an old and seemingly abandoned gothic mansion, populated by bats, ghosts, and other creatures of the night (of the natural and supernatural variety). Adding to the spooky atmosphere are the white mist and lightning flashing on the night sky.

The sound really contributes to the overall atmosphere, as there is wind gushing and thunders striking every few seconds, making sure you always stay on edge. One thing is for sure, if you’re looking for a slot game to relax with, Haunted House isn’t the one, as it won’t let you rest. Lights going on and off inside the mansion will further add to the creepy atmosphere.


Haunted House features a 3×3 gird, which also makes it stand out from the most other slots out there. Instead of reels spinning, the symbols will be flying onto the screen and disintegrate into the mist as you press the spin button.

And talking about the symbols, they’re more or less what you’d expect, although the entire game has been designed in a cartoon-like style, which does help lighten the mood at least a bit. Candles, old telephones, wall clocks, gramophones, and old books will keep you company during this spooky adventure.

It is clear that developers have put a lot of thought towards gameplay, because Haunted House will keep you busy with plenty of winning chances and numerous bonus games that can be triggered at any time. During the base game, every payline will trigger a free spin with a 2x multiplier, which is already a nice boost, but that’s just the beginning. Keep winning, and you can reach a multiplier as high as 5x.

There are as many as three bonus games in Haunted House. They are Beware of the Dog, Haunted Hallways, and Spooky Rooms. We won’t explain them all in detail here, but it suffices to say they are all a lot of fun and feature some big winning chances.
On top of it all, there are two progressive jackpots up for grabs. Both can be triggered from the main game and the bonus games, giving players even more chances to walk away with big cash.


Haunted House is undoubtedly an innovative and exciting game that will keep you playing for a long time. With so many bonus games with exciting features and big winning potential, there is really nothing not to like about this new slot by Magnet Gaming.

It feels more like a proper video game than a online casino slot, but even the hardcore fans of classic slots need a change every now and then.

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