Lottoland hopes its numbers come up in German venture

  • Lottery would be first to be privately operated in Germany
  • Application is major move for hugely popular European lottery website

Lottoland has filed an application to launch the first privately operated lottery in Germany, with the intention to run in several federal states.

Lottoland, fronted by UK celebrity Chris Tarrant, is making a move on Germany.
Lottoland, fronted by UK celebrity Chris Tarrant, is making a move on Germany.

Lottoland, which boasts a revenue of some €300 million, offers bets on many lotteries around the world and hopes to break a monopoly in Germany by launching a lottery on a regional level which would be similar to existing ones played in the European country.

Breaking the monopoly

“With more than five million customers, we understand what lottery players worldwide are looking for. Now we want to extend our offering even further and set up our own lottery in Germany,” said Dr. Rolf Stypmann, a Lottoland spokesman.

“If we were to receive permission from a federal state authority, Lottoland would be the first private lottery company offering a major lottery in Germany”, said Stypmann.

“Lottoland would set up the game plan, have the draw handled by a neutral authority under public supervision, and would allow the jackpot pool to be distributed according to a pre-set game plan. Customers would be able to collect their lottery ticket at selected collection points and lottery terminals, as well via the internet.”

The lottery would run in direct competition with The German State Lottery Association, which obtains 7.3 billion euros ($7.8 billion) in revenue each year. Unlike other public lotteries in Europe, such as the UK’s Lotto, the money retained from the German lottery goes directly into state coffers, with each local government deciding how to make use of the money.

Lottoland is a popular site in Europe which allows users to play lotteries from across the world by betting on their results. Since its launch four years ago, it has grown rapidly to become one of the leading lottery providers in the whole continent.

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