Las Vegas pastor stands accused of attempting to rob same casino in Las Vegas three times

  • Gregory Boluson arrested after allegedly trying to escape from the M Resort, Vegas with $33,480
  • Boluson is believed to be a Senior Pastor at a Vegas church

A man reported to be a Las Vegas pastor has been arrested, accused of attempting to rob the same local casino three times in the space of three months.

Greg Bolusan is accused of robbing the M Resort casino in Las Vegas three times.
Greg Bolusan is accused of robbing the M Resort casino in Las Vegas three times. Picture: LVMPD/Praytino/Flickr

Gregory Boluson was arrested on October 28 when officers alleged he attempted to rob the M Resort. Officers said he was able to escape from the casino with $33,480 but was caught by casino security staff before he could escape.

His capture was made easier by the fact that he allegedly used the same method to rob the casino as he had on two previous occasions, even down to parking his vehicle in the same place, wearing the same clothing and using a similar gun and backpack.

Senior Pastor

According to reporting by 13 Action News, Bolusan is accused of first attempting to rob the M Resort back in August, when he entered the premises at 3:54 a.m. carrying a handgun and a backpack, but he was frustrated when a cage employee fled.

Undaunted, he reportedly returned on September 10 at 5:33 a.m. and this time it is claimed he was successful in stealing $29,589 from the casino cage.

On his third attempt, Bolusan allegedly used the same white 2010 Toyota Camry and even parked in the same space on the casino parking lot. During the course of his arrest, officers said that the gun the accused was using was not real.

He was taken into Henderson Detention Center on numerous counts of attempted robbery and burglary.

Reporting has revealed that Bolusan is a Senior Pastor at a local church. According to the website of the Grace Bible Church Las Vegas, on Southern Highlands Parkway, he was listed as a pastor up to November 3. His biography on the site detailed his work in the local area.

“Pastor Greg believes that the city of Las Vegas, also known as the city of sin, needs people who will take time to build authentic relationships winning the lost into a relationship with Jesus,” one line read.

The church has not yet issued a statement concerning Bolusan’s arrest and 13 Action News was unable to speak to any members of the church congregation.

A date for a trial is yet to be set.

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