Las Vegas massacre timeline changed by police after it is revealed guard was shot BEFORE crowd sprayed with gunfire

  • Police now believe that a hotel security guard was shot before the mass shooting began
  • Previously, investigators had thought the security guard interrupted the killer

In a dramatic development in the investigation into the Las Vegas mass shooting that left 58 people dead, police have revealed a change to a key part of the timeline of the tragedy.

WATCH: Las Vegas police give update on mass shooting.

Last week, officials had stated that Jesus Campos, a security guard at the Mandalay Bay hotel from where killer Stephen Paddock had launched his attack, had interrupted Paddock and thereby stopped the shooting.

Campos was shot by Paddock through the door of his hotel suite and was found with a gunshot wound to the leg in the corridor, having initially responded to an alert about an open door in a different guest’s room.

But on Monday investigators revealed that they believed Campos had been shot six minutes before Paddock opened fire on the crowd, a change to the timeline that will raise questions about the response of both the police on the ground and the hotel security.

Original timeline

The original timeline had Paddock firing at the crowd attending the Route 91 Country Music Festival for ten minutes until 10.15 pm. The first police officers arrived on the 32nd floor, where Paddock had taken out a two-room suite, at 10.17 and found Campos at 10:18. It was Campos who directed the officers to the room, by which time Paddock had taken his own life.

Investigators had initially assumed that Paddock had seen Campos approaching along the corridor via the spy cameras he had set up outside his room, which had distracted him from firing on the crowd. But on Monday, officials revealed that they now believed Campos was shot at 9:59 pm and that they are now unsure why Paddock stopped shooting at the crowd.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo only revealed this information upon questioning from the media and seemed rattled by the media’s persistent questions.

Police have not revealed whether Campos informed the hotel’s security after he was shot but speaking to the Los Angeles Times, a former sheriff’s commander and tactical expert said that if police had been informed immediately when the guard was shot, they would have been able to rush the hotel room and capture Paddock before he opened fire on the crowd.

Investigators also now believe that Paddock checked into the hotel on September 25, revising their initial statement that he checked in three days earlier on September 28, but have ruled out the possibility that he was working with a partner.

However, the confused picture will do nothing to quieten the many theories, some of them outlandish, that are doing the rounds on social media.

Brother in town

Also during the update it was revealed that Stephen Paddock’s brother was in town helping the police with their investigation. His live-in girlfriend Marilou Danley is also still assisting police.

Drilling took place in the room to an adjacent doorway, but police did not know why, other than to speculate that it was possibly to set up a camera or as a gun position. Paddock did not complete the drilling however.

Police still have found no clear motive. Sheriff Lombardo said that he was frustrated that the investigation had not moved quicker.

But he said the reason for that was because the shooter did a good job of hiding his background.

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