Life of Las Vegas legend Jerry Lewis marked by Vegas Strip memorial

  • The Strip was lit up by old pictures of Jerry Lewis on Eclipse Day in the United States
  • Remembered for singing, acting, telling jokes, and raising money, Lewis will be missed by Las Vegas residents

On the day of the much-anticipated American eclipse, the Las Vegas Strip paid tribute to Jerry Lewis’ memory with huge displays of monochrome pictures of the actor.

The images depicted the popular singer, comedian, and actor beaming from the Strip’s biggest and brightest casinos, where Lewis first rose to stardom alongside his former partner in crime Dean Martin.

The duo debuted at the Flamingo casino resort in the late 1940s.

Jerry Lewis in Las Vegas
Jerry Lewis. Photo: KTNV NEWS.

Fond memories

Perhaps the fact that his tribute took place on Eclipse Day is somewhat symbolic for those who followed his career in one way or another. In the same way that the moon took over the light of the sun yesterday, P.J. Fanberg – of Big Lake,
MN – reports remembering Jerry Lewis as the man who periodically ‘took
over the TV,’ according to the Review Journal.

Others were fonder. Heather Riou of Ottawa, Canada, reported watching Lewis and following his career for years. She even “saw him at the Sahara” when she was a child. She also saw him with her husband again in 1992.

The contrast struck between the still, black-and-white images of Lewis and the colorful, moving display and advertisement boards that usually light up the Strip was striking.

But unlike Lewis’ life and career, his tribute was short-lived. The picture display ended at 20:00 (8 p.m.) sharp, having been lit up for just 11 minutes.

Strip lit up

In a beautiful and personalized touch, those behind the image tribute to Jerry Lewis made sure that the marquees became ablaze with his picture at exactly 19:49 (7:49 p.m.), which was the year of his Las Vegas double act debut.

Emblazoned under his face were the words, “International comedic icon, Las Vegas resident, headliner and philanthropist.”

Some lyrics also appeared alongside the images, some of which included “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Lewis sang this song during the yearly Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon, which he hosted for 44 years to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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