Adult entertainment mogul in legal dispute over ‘lady luck’

  • Isle of Capri Casino sues Flynt over trademark violations for ‘lady luck’ and ‘lucky lady’ in his new casino
  • The case was settled out of court, but exact details have not been released

When talking about betting and catching a lucky streak, it is common to say that Lady Luck was on your side. However, have you ever thought about who actually owns Lady Luck? Of course, you didn’t, and neither did we until a very curious lawsuit hit the news.

larry flynt lawsuit lady luck casino
Lady Luck: something that gamblers have been arguing over for years

Namely, the company named Isle of Capri Casinos entered a legal dispute with Larry Flynt, an adult entertainment mogul for naming his rehauled Gardena Casino ‘Lucky Lady’. Apparently, Isle of Capri owns the rights to ‘lady luck’ and ‘lucky lady’.

Inappropriate use of term
The company filed a court complaint against the Hustler magazine publisher after he decided to name his latest casino Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady. The property is located in the vicinity of Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, and it used to be Normandie Casino before Flynt bought the gaming license last year, announcing his plans to spend $60 million for renovations.

According to the Isle of Capri, the disputed terms have been used for their casino services since 1967, and since 1988, they’ve also been used in slot machine names. On top of what they see as a trademark violation, the company also didn’t like the fact that Flynt brought the terms into connection with scantily clad and naked women, which is hardly shocking given Flynt’s business inclinations.

In fact, Isle of Capri wasn’t the only one that had objections about the new property. Members of the Gardena City Council also objected to the imagery on the outside of the new casino, requesting that Flynt remove it and exchange it for something “more tasteful.” The adult entertainment mogul flat out refused these requests.

Out of court settlement
While Flynt was able to fight away the council members, his battle with the Isle of Capri Casinos wasn’t as successful. Like most high profile cases, this dispute ended in a mutually agreeable out of court settlement. What this actually means remains to be seen, as no other details have been revealed.

In their court filings, Isle of Capri claimed that Flynt’s usage of the trademark could potentially cause significant harm to the company’s reputation. Whether these concerns were removed by a hefty check cut out to Isle of Capri owners or they settled in some other manner is still anybody’s guess.

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