Punters who cried foul on Irish Lottery draw were actually deceived by a trick of the light

  • A strange reflection of light caused one of the Irish National Lottery balls to appear as 38 and 33 at the same time
  • The lottery officials explained this was just a bizarre occurrence and that no foul play happened

The Irish National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in the country, with thousands of people glued to their TV screens during draws, hoping Lady Luck would smile upon them.

There were cries of conspiracy at a Irish National Lottery draw which seemed to show a ball with two numbers simultaneously
There were cries of conspiracy at a Irish National Lottery draw which seemed to show a ball with two numbers simultaneously

However, the last Saturday’s evening draw was marked by a controversy caused by a strange play of light that had many people cry foul.

Is it one number or two?

It was on the second ball that was drawn on Saturday that the controversy ensued.

Namely, the ball that came out of the drum was 38 and was announced as such.

However, as other balls continued to drop, at one point the camera zoomed in and all of a sudden it seemed like the second ball was 38 and 33 at the same time.

With the jackpot of €500,000 ($589,000) on the line, it doesn’t take much to trigger people, and shortly after the incident, complaints started coming in, accusing the lottery organizers of foul play.

The officials were quick to disperse any doubts, explaining that it was a strange reflection of light that was to be blamed for this anomaly. Indeed, even when zoomed in, it seems that one of the numbers on the otherwise 38 ball was 33, so it isn’t hard to understand what caused the confusion.

Strict security measures

The Irish National Lottery reassured all the players that each draw is thoroughly checked before the start.

Balls are measured for weight and size, and the appointed auditors from KPMG make sure that all the numbers are in the drum and that there are no duplicates.

Of course, this isn’t nearly the first or the biggest controversy involving big lotto and lottery draws.

Whenever there is big money on the line, people are prone to believe there might be someone behind the scenes pulling the strings and are quick to jump the gun.

Despite the brief social media outrage blasting the National Lottery, it seems this matter is now resolved as the officials offered a plausible explanation and it is unlikely that anyone would try to pull a scam like this in front of millions of viewers.

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