Iowa Lottery fraudster Eddie Tipton jailed for 25 years

  • Eddie Tipton sentenced to 25 years in prison
  • Found guilty of rigging six lotteries in five states

Eddie Tipton, the mastermind behind a multi-state lottery rigging scheme, was sentenced Tuesday (August 23rd) to 25 years in prison.

The former Information Security Director at the Multi-State Lottery Association (the organization set up to protect lottery players) installed software that enabled him to rig the lotteries in his favor. Others complicit in the scheme, including his own brother, would collect the winnings on his behalf.

Thoughts on the sentencing

Rob Sand, Assistant Iowa Attorney General, had been seeking the 25-year sentence for Tipton as a way of deterring others from committing similar sorts of crimes. Tipton’s own lawyer has argued against the seemingly extensive sentencing, saying that Tipton shouldn’t be punished more severely than others involved in the scheme; he called for Tipton to receive a sentence of between three and four years.

In comparison, Tipton’s brother Tommy received a mere 75-day sentence on the charge of conspiracy to commit theft by deception. Robert Rhodes, another accomplice of Tipton’s, is set to be sentenced on August 25.

Comments from Tipton

Tipton has confessed to regretting his actions. According to Register, he said the following in court: ‘It’s difficult even saying that with all the people I know behind me that I hurt, and I regret it,’ later adding that he was ‘sorry’ for what he had done.

He agreed on a plea deal with Sand and subsequently shared with the authorities exactly how he rigged the lotteries, which ones he rigged and who he had helping him.

Lotteries rigged

Between 2005 and 2011, Tipton managed to rig lotteries in the following states: Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. He had put some of the $2 million he earned from his rigging towards building a house complete with gym and movie theater just outside his home city of Des Moines, Iowa.

He was eventually caught out in 2010 after unsuccessful attempts were made at claiming a winning ticket purchased at a convenience store in Des Moines.

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