WATCH: the innovative online casino that you don’t need to register with to play

  • No sign-up, usernames or details needed from players, just set deposit and go
  • Ninja offers 100+ slots, countless casino games and rapid money withdrawals

Global Gaming has announced plans to attract further players in the Scandinavian online gambling market with an all-new promotional campaign for innovative online casino, Ninja Casino.

Scandinavian players will be hard-pressed to avoid the flagship casino over the coming weeks thanks to the ambitious multi-channel ad campaign that will incorporate TV, radio and digital coverage.

No registration, no details, just deposits

Ninja Casino is already a popular brand. As well as being Global Gaming’s flagship casino product it has, to some extent, revolutionised the way that customers sign up to online casinos. Simply put, it’s done it by essentially removing that sign up process. You see, with Ninja Casino, players don’t need to register an account – so no usernames, passwords or contact details – to be able to launch straight into the online action.

The site also purports to using a new technology that lets players cash out at – you guessed it – ninja speed. According to Ninja: “When you play you want to win. When you win you want to get paid. You want to get paid as quick as ninja”.

All players need do is enter the amount they wish to deposit at the casino, verify themselves with their bank and that’s it. Ready to play the 100+ slots, as well as other casino games that are found on the site.

Players in the Scandinavian countries can now expect to see the Ninja Casino name cropping up in Spotify ads and on display ads across the web, as well as enjoying TV and radio airtime.

“We’ve seen massive success with Ninja Casino so far in Sweden and Finland. The impressive growth has been organic so we are confident that this big marketing push will significantly increase visitor numbers and turnover and be replicated as we launch in future markets. Players have responded very positively to the simple setup, where they do not need to go through a registration, or remember a password, but can just deposit and start playing.”
Global Gaming CEO, Stefan Olsson

New add campaign

A quirky and humorous ad that has debuted on YouTube (below) sees a player in the cubicle of a public bathroom winning while playing at Ninja Casino on his smartphone, much to the confusion of another man in the bathroom, who can hear only the noises emanating from the cubicle. The idea? To show the simplicity with which the site can be used by players.

While it remains to be seen whether Ninja Casino is successful in its quest to expand into the growing Scandinavian online gambling market, the fact that Global Gaming is behind the venture increases those odds significantly. And if a funny ad can help achieve that, then who are we to complain?


You’ll no doubt be wary of reading stories about products ‘revolutionising’ the market. And, sometimes, you’d be right to be. But Ninja Casino certainly offers players something different. Think about what you want from an online casino. Yes, you want hundreds of slot games to choose from. Yes, you want the opportunity to win big. But, more often than not, you likely want it to be as easy as possible to navigate and to play. That’s what Ninja Casino does. You don’t have to worry about coming up with a username or about remembering one of many passwords you have. You just tell them how much you want to deposit, verify it with your bank and away you go. In the endless battle for user-friendly play that all casinos are striving for, this is certainly a nice touch. Now you just have to wait for it to come to a casino near you.

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