How safe is your data? Hackers leak details about casino patrons’ playing habits

  • Details of players’ casino gaming habits and payouts released
  • Warnings of more ‘data dumps’ to come
  • Casino management says steps have been taken to bolster security and no breaches have happened since

Canada’s Cowboys Casino in Calgary suffered a serious cyber attack in June 2016. Now, around a year later, hundreds of the casino’s patrons have had their personal information, as well as details of their playing habits and payouts, leaked online. These were leaked to Pastebin, a data-sharing website, along with a list of the casino’s elite members, according to Canadian news site Calgary Herald.

Hackers targeted the Calgary Cowboys Casino last year, and have now leaked patrons' data.
Hackers targeted the Calgary Cowboys Casino last year, and have now leaked patrons’ personal data, including their playing habits.

The hackers’ message

Those responsible for the ‘data dump’ left a message saying: “The computer security at Cowboys Casino was non-existent and all data was ripe for the taking. We asked Cowboys Casino to fix the gapping (sic) holes in their system but our request was ignored for over a year. So we have decided to go public and release our first (very small sample) data dump.

“Hopefully now they will take their customers and employees privacy more seriously”.

According to the post, this is the first of four planned data dumps and the second is set to include disciplinary reports, payroll information, company-wide emails and more customer data.

Response from Cowboys Casino

In June of last year when the breach took place, personal information from some 14,294 patrons had been taken.

Tyrone Waite, general manager at the casino, said that all patrons were notified by email of the breach and that a further email had been sent out Monday alerting them to the data dump and encouraging them to take precautions.

It appears from this post that the hackers are not demanding a ransom of any sort; instead, they simply want the casino’s security to be upgraded. Waite has affirmed that since the initial data breach last June, the casino has indeed bolstered its security and hasn’t suffered any more data breaches of any kind. He also said that the casino’s management acknowledged there was a chance the stolen data might get leaked eventually.

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