High hopes for the future of Atlantic City after wave of investment

  • Casino industry set to grow in Atlantic City, with Hard Rock’s Taj Mahal revamp a flag-bearer for new future
  • New University Gateway Project adding to positive vibes

Residents of Atlantic City are optimistic about what could be a reversal of fortunes for the New Jersey casino haven.

Hard Rock's revamp of the former Trump Taj Mahal is just one of the reasons behind some good feelings about the future of Atlantic City.
Hard Rock’s revamp of the former Trump Taj Mahal is just one of the reasons behind some good feelings about the future of Atlantic City.

Over the years, the city’s health has been judged on its casino industry, though the two have had quite the rocky relationship. There have been times when the city has prospered, but also times when the city has struggled.

But there is a sense of optimism in the air about its future thanks to a spate of construction projects that are lined up.

The next boom?

The two new projects set to herald the new age of prosperity for Atlantic City are the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Stockton University’s new Gateway Project.

The new Hard Rock reimagining of the closed Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is being developed at a cost of $500 million and will see the creation of 1,000 temporary jobs, as well as 3,000 permanent jobs once the hotel and casino are both open.

As for the Stockton University Gateway Project, it’s set to open not long after the new Hard Rock and is being developed at a cost of $220 million. Not only will it provide accommodation for 500 students, it will also become the new headquarters for South Jersey Gas.

The cautious approach

Talking about the Stockton project, political science professor Brigid Harrison has said, according to Press of Atlantic City, that people in the city are ‘guarded’. This is because there have been numerous projects that have been promised but have never materialized. An example of one is TEN Atlantic City, a resort, hotel and casino that opened in 2012 and was the third of the city’s casinos to close in 2014. There have been numerous plans to reopen the casino, though none have yet come to fruition, despite bullish predictions about its future by businessman owner Glenn Straub.

The optimistic approach

President of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber Joe Kelly has expressed optimism about the up-and-coming developments in the city. He acknowledges that while 2017 will see no benefits from the construction, 2018 should be a ‘game changer’ because of the many new students the Stockton University Gateway Project will bring to the city.

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