Homeless man stabbed security guard at Las Vegas’ Palazzo

  • Homeless man stabbed security guard at The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas
  • Incident occurred on the casino floor on Wednesday morning

A homeless man has stabbed a security guard near the roulette tables at The Palazzo Casino in Las Vegas, leaving him in a critical condition.

The incident happened on the casino floor at around 7am on Wednesday morning, when a security guard moved to intercept a man who was wielding a knife near the casino’s roulette tables.

When the guard approached, he was stabbed in the chest, leading to chaotic scenes as the suspect fled the casino.

The suspect is believed to be a local homeless man who had been seen behaving erratically before the incident. Although he ran from the scene, he was pursued and arrested by police near The Mirage, further along the Las Vegas Strip.

Police investigation

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Larry Hadfied, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, gave credit to the casino security staff and the local police force’s surveillance center for the suspect’s arrest: “The hotels provide a huge amount of security, and we work with them very closely when it comes to this,” he told reporters.

The security guard was rushed to University Medical Center, and is said to be in a critical condition, although in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Hadfield said that he was confident that the guard would survive.

In the wake of the incident, the Las Vegas police launched a full forensic investigation, with a dozen slot machines and all of the Palazzo’s roulette tables sealed off, although the remainder of the casino and the hotel itself remained open for business.

This violent attack at a major Las Vegas casino follows another incident a few days ago when a man fired a gun at a number of people in the vicinity of the Bellagio, although no-one was hurt on that occasion.

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