Hamilton Princess bid to become first casino in the Bermuda

  • Hamilton Princess resort in the Bermuda looking to expand with a casino component
  • The BCGC tentatively accepts their casino license application pending the September 22 presentation

The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission (BCGC) has announced that the Hamilton Princess Casino Ltd has submitted a casino license application. With this submission, the company is looking to become the very first casino resort on the island.

According to the BCGC, the application was duly submitted before the deadline, and it contains enough relevant details to be considered for the approval. Included in the application are the detailed plans concerning a development of a casino resort located in Hamilton.

Alan Dunch BCGC Chairman
Alan Dunch, BCGC Chairman

More details in September

After this initial stage of the licensing process, Hamilton Princess will have an opportunity to present their proposal to the Commission on September 22. This presentation will be open to the public and members of the media, and it will take place at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

According to Alan Dunch, the BCGC Chairman, this is an important event for the Bermuda and a big step forward in terms of activating the Casino Act. Goals of this Act are to increase employment and boost investments in the island, all of which should also improve their overall tourist offer.

If approved, the Hamilton Princess Resort will add the casino component to its offer, but exact details still remain unknown. After the September 22 meeting, we’ll probably have more information about what exactly should be offered at the Hamilton Princess Resort and Casino.

Brief history of the BCGC

The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission was founded in 2015, following the passage of the 2014 Casino Gaming Act. They were set up as the gambling regulatory body for the Bermuda, in charge of supervising all casino operators, vendors, managers, and even employees.

Like pretty much all gambling commissions out there, the BCGC is there to ensure casinos operate within constraints of the laws, have necessary financial means at all times, and the games they offer are provably fair.

In addition to all this, the Commission also takes it upon themselves to “protect the vulnerable,” meaning they are also in charge of responsible gambling considerations, self-exclusions, and other related issues.

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