Grandmother, 76, is robbed of $100,000 casino winnings by thieves posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • The 76-year old was targeted in her apartment
  • Thieves seemed aware of grandmother’s casino stash

A New York pensioner who hit the big time playing Atlantic City slots has been robbed of her winnings by callous thieves posing as religious callers.

Yvonne was targeted by thieves who may have known she had a stash of casino winnings.
Yvonne Reeder was targeted by thieves who may have known she had a stash of casino winnings.

According to the New York Post Brooklyn resident Yvonne Reeder scooped $100,000 playing the $5 slots in Atlantic City – money which she kept in a lockbox in her apartment.

The crooks entered the property on Saturday morning after Reeder opened the door to them, and they made off with the case containing the woman’s savings.

Midday terror as thieves break in

The thieves struck in the mid-morning, at around 10am, in broad daylight. The two attackers posed as Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Yvonne Reeder opened the door to them, according to reports. However, once the door was open the two men forced their way into the property, demanding to know where the case of money was.

Mrs Reeder has spoken of her fear and distress, believing the pair to be armed in some way. The pensioner was not hurt during the attack, though she was pushed to the ground by the robbers as they entered. Police are still searching for the culprits, and ask anyone with information to contact NYPD authorities in Brooklyn.

’Targeted attack’ as thieves knew of money

It seems likely that Mrs Reeder was targeted by a criminal gang, or that the pair of robbers have an accomplice who knows the victim. Her attackers seemed to know of the presence of the money, and went straight to the bedroom to retrieve the case.

The stolen $100k was accumulated by the victim during her trips to Atlantic City, although she states she no longer visits the city or plays the slots since her husband passed away. The grandmother picked up about half of her haul at the famed Caesar’s Atlantic City venue, and the rest at Bally’s Atlantic City. She had held the winnings in the locked case at her home for close to five years, without incident or concern. The money was won through the popular $5 slot games, which attract many people to Atlantic City’s casinos each year.

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