What does the future hold for online gaming in 2017

Predicting the future direction of online gaming is never easy, but it is not impossible…

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There’s plenty of data available to give us an idea of what trends lay ahead for the online gaming industry and fortunately, it is a market that’s on an upward trajectory if we look at the growth of online gaming from 2009 to 2018.

Needless to say, this gives us a clear picture of both the success and health of this industry, expected to surpass $50 billion in market value during 2017. That’s incredibly impressive by anyone’s standards!

So, what factors are contributing to the success of this industry, and how will this play out during 2017?

Growing Popularity Of Mobile Casinos

The widespread use of smartphones does play an important role in making online gaming more appealing. While there are many players who use a desktop or laptop to play online, a growing number of users enjoy the convenience of mobile devices instead. Online casinos have responded in kind, by ensuring that they have mobile versions of their games available for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile casino games are fun and accessible, and they’re a great choice for people that are new to online gaming. Moreover, players that already enjoy several games on their favorite online casinos, now, have an added avenue to enjoy these on their mobile devices. This way, the fun, the challenge, and a chance to win big never end!

Many online casinos are forward-looking and have responded smartly to – the maturing mobile market. They’ve ensured that mobile users can access and enjoy all, the great games and features online casinos have to offer. Players who only user their mobile devices to access the internet, will find online gaming presenting them with more options in 2017.

The Convenience Factor

Online casinos have always made it incredibly convenient for people to enjoy some gaming, without the hassles that traditional casinos bring forth. There’s no need to dress up, travel, and pay any parking or entrance cover charges, which is common when frequenting a brick and mortar casino.

Payment processors and modern browsers have also improved significantly over the years. Their evolution is unending, and more enhancements will inevitably occur during 2017. Every new feature added to an e-wallet, and every new browser update diminishes friction between the end-user and the online experience. Naturally, this greatly benefits the world of online gaming as well.

Smoother access with added payment and withdrawal options are the order of the day. Online casinos will be even more convenient to use – than ever before.

Brand New Markets

Online gaming is a global phenomenon, gaining plenty of traction in countries where there are few or no restrictions, but laws can change at any moment. However, there’s been a growing trend in countries allowing their citizens to engage in online gaming. A sensible approach, as online gaming is not easy to control unless a particular country intends to take a hard stance, on what its inhabitants do online.

While it’s not clear how many countries will legalize online gaming in 2017, new markets will emerge that will further expand this industry. There’s a great deal of interest in online casinos in many developing countries, which have large populations and a burgeoning middle class. Ultimately, this will fuel the growth of online gaming, not just during 2017, but also in the years to come.

As well as online gaming entering a host of new markets across the globe, virtual reality is starting to shape the way that designers and developers think and while it is not cheap, it has got the power to reshape online gaming as we know it.

We are all virtual reality-curious and while headsets aren’t for everyone, VR technology does offer an unrivalled immersive experience to players and expect to see it continue to push boundaries throughout 2017 and beyond.

Instant Gratification

Convenience is great, but it’s worth noting how instant gratification is another driver for online gaming. Players don’t have to wait around to enjoy a game of blackjack, roulette or poker. Their favorite slot machines are not hogged up by other players, as one would expect in a traditional casino.

The online casino experience is convenient, personal, but also instantly gratifying. Waiting is greatly diminished, giving players the opportunity to spend time on their favorite games, while also trying a few others. More importantly, players can enjoy a game instantly, and wherever they are if they’re using mobile devices.

Expect online and mobile casinos to become more instantly gratifying during the year. They’ve been doing a great job so far, and they’re only going to tap further into this aspect, which will make online gaming more enticing.

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