Foxwoods opens the first arena-style casino in New England

  • Foxwoods PLAY Arena promises brand new & stress free gaming environment
  • With this move, the casino wants to cater to wider playing audiences, from veterans to millennials

Foxwoods Resort Casino, one of the leading casino destinations in North America, has taken things to the next level opening interactive PLAY Arena located in Great Cedar Casino in Mashantucket, New England.

This ambitious casino resort project features the latest trends in the gaming and entertainment industry, allowing players to play their favorite casino games using just a single station.

Fully immersive experience

New PLAY Arena offers visitors a casino experience unlike anything they can find the New England area. From one of more than 30 stations located in the arena, they can switch between all the available games, without having to move anywhere.

In addition to this convenience, players also get to enjoy different atmospheres adding to their overall experience. Stations activate different moods, changing music and lighting to correspond with the selected game and other factors.

Some of the choices include ShowTime, classic, and VIP casino, featuring genres from pulsing, electronic music with strong lights to smooth jazz and slow music accompanied by dim lighting.

All of this provides a truly unique atmosphere which is almost guaranteed to give players a novel experience they will remember. Newly opened Great Cedar Casino now offers plenty of new, modern slots, table games, and many perks aimed to increase the appeal of the gaming area.

Foxwoods keeping up with the times

Foxwoods has been doing a lot to keep the pace with the latest trends in the industry, becoming only the second property in the States to offer skill-based slot games.

Their PLAY Arena follows the same market logic, as it provides an exciting environment where players can play all their favorite games without stress, emphasizes Foxwoods CEO, Felix Rappaport. According to Rappaport, the new Arena is another step towards Foxwoods achieving its goal of becoming the gaming leader in the US.

PLAY Arena tries to cater to players of different tastes and preferences, including veteran casino players and members of the millennial generation.

Dealers working at PLAY are also a part of the experience, as they try to keep the spirits up by dancing, singing, and doing everything in their power to keep players happy and relaxed.


This new approach to gambling certainly seems like an idea that would appeal to the new generation of casino players who look to get more out of their playing experience.

Younger generations of players want their casino adventures to offer more than just spinning reels and playing cards, and properties like PLAY Arena seem to offer exactly that.

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