Foxwoods casino to develop first of its kind casino game experience

  • Casino giant and start-up investor partner to create innovative ‘Living Lab’
  • The digital gaming development is designed to give casino-goers a new experience

Casino resort giant, Foxwoods has partnered with Victory Square Ventures, a funding and investment organization dedicated to innovation in business, to develop and deliver an exciting new casino experience for players focused on digital technology.

foxwoods casino victory victory square

Foxwoods Resort Casino is 25 years old and is one of the largest of its kind in the US, outstripping many of its Las Vegas counterparts by far.

Just launched skill-based games

Boasting an impressive and varied casino games portfolio already, and having just last month announced its release of numerous skill-based games, Foxwoods is an industry leader in the land-based, always looking to revamp and grow.

Its desire to hold onto its leading position has led to this partnership with Victory Square Ventures, under which the two companies will work side-by-side to create, produce, and market fresh betting-related games and technology. It comes on the back of a general industry trend in the land-based casino industry towards offering players new gaming experiences using the latest tech.

The Living Lab

The Foxwoods and Victory Square Ventures Living Lab is the first agreement of its kind for the latter, and been described as an “interesting moment for the gaming industry,” which, until now, has not engaged in business with outside accelerator programs.

But Foxwoods wants, and needs, to experiment. Given that many new casinos are due to open in New York over the coming months and years, Foxwoods’ beneficial location in Connecticut could lose some of its appeal to new and competing casinos. This is not to mention that key players in the field, such as MGM and TEN, are both looking to tap into Connecticut’s casino market.

This potential blow to Foxwoods’ benefit, coupled with the fact that many states across the US are beginning to make online casinos legal, it makes a great deal of sense for Foxwoods to modernize now.

The logistics of levelling up

Using a “studio approach,” Victory Square Ventures offers funding to start-up companies across a range of industries including the film, web, mobile, and, recently, casino industries.

Having helped around 40 start-up businesses across more than 20 countries to generate over $100 million in sales, Victory Square Ventures has an admirable reputation.

Felix Rappaport, president and chief executive officer of Foxwoods Resort Casino, says, “Foxwoods is thrilled to partner with Victory Square Ventures, joining two of the most innovative minds in the gaming industry.”

He goes on to say, “The Living Lab is an exciting enterprise that represents not only the next step in Foxwoods’ gaming evolution, but our commitment to leading the transformation of the industry as a whole and continuously giving guests unique experiences that excite. This is the future of gaming.”

“The future of gaming” for Foxwoods lies in Victory Square’s hands – but will the players benefit from this agreement? It certainly seems to come with a great deal of added choice for the player, so hopefully it will be enough to keep loyal Foxwoods bettors from straying to New York.


Land-based casinos have to innovate, that’s the general consensus in the industry at the moment. And it makes sense. Mobile and online technology, and therefore online casinos, are moving at such a rapid pace that the dusty casino floors of old, complete with their classic table game lineups just won’t cut it for future gamblers. We’ve already seen the seeds of innovation being sown at a number of establishments – whether that’s launching new skill-based games that let players be more ‘involved’ with what their playing, introducing video game elements to their portfolio or exploring online casinos. At the moment there isn’t much detail about Foxwoods’ futuristic sounding ‘Living Lab’, but it certainly sounds interesting. What we do know is that it is going to be a digital experience and that it’s centred around player experience. It’s got all the hallmarks of something pretty special and we’ll be keeping a firm eye on developments.

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