Esports Arena Las Vegas announces opening date as March 22, 2018

  • Venue will host an invite-only tournament in first days
  • Allied Esports is also launching mobile arena in US

The hotly anticipated Esports Arena Las Vegas will open its doors on March 22, Allied Esports CEO Jud Hannigan told a Las Vegas crowd at an event this week.

Allied eSports Arena in Las Vegas is set for opening in March.
Allied eSports Arena in Las Vegas is set for opening in March.

Las Vegas’ first dedicated eSports gaming venue, the Esports Arena is located in a former nightclub of the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip.

The state of the art area is designed to host competitive gaming tournaments, featuring a competition stage and multi-level spectator seating along with an impressive LED video wall.

The venue also includes studios for webcast and TV production, and gaming terminals with in-built content for local betting and gaming.

When it opens in March, it will aim to attract the world’s largest eSports competition tours as well as hosting its own special events for gamers. Allied Esports also confirmed it was launching a mobile gaming arena for events, which will appear at the Daytona International Speedway next month.

Allied Esports announces gaming partnerships

Though Allied Esports is the brains behind the innovative gaming concept, the group has procured the talents of a prestigious celebrity chef, a leading gaming content developer, a top AV solutions team, and of course their hosts at the Luxor.

The arena will be powered by state of the art technology implemented by HARMAN Professional Solutions, one of the world’s leading audio-visual solutions providers.

The huge LED video wall and impressive streaming studios are filled with high quality electronics from providers like LG, JBL Professional and AKG Acoustics.

“We are proud to be chosen by and aligned with Allied Esports whose development of the Esports Arena Las Vegas further solidifies their leadership position in the massively growing competitive gaming space,” said HARMAN’s hospitality director Mark Aichele. “We will deliver a completely immersive experience to powerfully connect the fans to the games.”

The arena will also be served by culinary superstar Jose Andres and his ThinkFoodGroup team, who have developed a gaming-themed concept menu. The culinary experience is designed with gaming in mind, with a variety of small courses served to players and spectators in their seats.

Mobile gaming experience takes to the road

Along with confirming the opening date and additional details of the Esports Arena project, Allied Esports had another big announcement for gamers around the country. The Esports Arena Drive is a truck-mounted gaming platform featuring a VIP gaming lounge, a competition stage and a roll-out studio set-up.

It is the first touring arena of its kind in North America, and it follows on from the success of the group’s European gaming truck launch. In 2016, Euro affiliates ELC Gaming unveiled ‘Big Betty’, a similar concept vehicle that tours events while offering competitive gaming.

“Esports Arena Drive gives us an amazing opportunity to reach communities around the country in a truly authentic and awesome way,” said Esports Arena COO Tyler Endres.

The Esports Arena Drive has teamed up with 704Games and it will bring NASCAR Heat 2 to the Daytona International Speedway. “Fans will be able to compete in multi-player racing in the DAYTONA 500 and Esports Arena Drive will bring this experience to life,” said 704Games CEO Paul Brooks.

As Vegas tries to attract younger audiences, who may not be so taken by slots and blackjack tables, it is innovations like this that are predicted to keep Vegas the entertainment capital of the world for years to come.

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