Endorphina release emoji-themed online slot Slotmoji

  • Slotmoji brings your favourite emojis to life in this 5 reel, 10 payline slot
  • Endorphina promise to ‘take your emotions for a spin’ with the universal language of emojis

For lovers of emojis everywhere, Endorphina’s new 5 reel, 10 payline slot will have you smiling, high 5ing and crying at your favourite online casinos.

Endorphina promise that their new online slot will ‘take your emotions for a spin!’ in a game that revolves completely around the wonderful world of emojis, those colourful graphic symbols that we just can’t live without.

Endorphina says their new slot game was entirely influenced by those catchy little pictures that have become so deeply ingrained in the way we all communicate digitally. Emojis are at the heart of social media and messaging, and we all love them for the way they connect an emotion to a graphic. That’s the feel that this slot tries to capture, by bringing emojis to life in Slotmoji at online casinos.

Ballerinas, disco dancers and Samurai

With everything from calm and laid back moods to some fiery ones to give the game an edge, Endorphina has brought everyone’s favourite language to the casino. Try and capture as many combinations of winning paylines as possible, up to a maximum of 10. Don’t look for scatters or wilds in this slot – instead you need to find the ballerina, disco dancer or Samurai and they’ll cover the reels, activating a series of free-spins and multipliers.

Keeping it old school

The look and feel of Slotmoji is definitely old school, and comes hot on the heels of the buzz created by games like Chunjie and the real money launch of Diamond Vapor. Slotmoji is a lot more light hearted, but it’ll be the players who decide if Endorphina have another hit on their hands with this emoji themed slot.

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