Employee who stole £9,250 worth of scratchcards gained just £250 in winnings

  • Employee admitted it was ‘a lot of money’ and was caught via CCTV
  • Thefts took place over a two month period at the St Nicholas store in Aberdeen

A supermarket employee has admitted the theft of scratchcards worth thousands of pounds from the Aberdeen shop where he worked.

But from his £9,250 haul, he was dismayed to find winnings of just £250.

A thief who stole scratchcards won just £250 from a £9,250 haul.
A thief who stole scratchcards won just £250 from a £9,250 haul.

Daniel Milne, who had a gambling addiction, took the scratchcards in the space of two months but the theft was uncovered when fellow staff at the Sainsbury’s store in Aberdeen, Scotland, studied CCTV footage.

Milne, 26, appeared at the Sheriff Court on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to theft.

The theft was carried out between April 2 and June 12 this year.

Fiscal Depute Anne Macdonald explained to the court that Milne was caught on CCTV cameras hiding lottery packages and going out of the shop with them.

“He knew where the scratch cards were kept. He had easy access to them. He said he realised there was CCTV when he was involved in taking the cards at the till.

He said himself, when he was confronted by a colleague, “it’s a lot of money”.

Gambling problem

Despite the high number of cards stolen, Milne only won a total of £250, at return of less than 3% of the face value of the card.

The court was told that he had a gambling problem and was addicted to scratchcards. It was also reported that he had been trying to save for a house at the time of the offence.

Milne’s solicitor Peter Keene asked that the case should be deferred for a report, and explained that his client did not deny the offences and apologises for the theft.

He is currently repaying the stolen money at the rate of £150 a month though has only repaid around £200 so far.

The court was also told that Milne, who lives in Spital, Aberdeen, had no previous convictions. He is due to be sentenced next month.

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