Battles, Banners and Bonuses: Ivanhoe slot hits online casinos

  • Players are welcomed into the medieval world of Richard the Lionheart and must battle to succeed
  • Game, by developer ELK, combines retro fruit machine aesthetics with modern touches

Games developer ELK has launched its latest online slot, and it’s one that is firmly entrenched in the world of medieval knights, battles and, of course, spins. The new title, known as Ivanhoe, combines old and new, featuring the classic three-reel layout of slot machines of old and modern graphics and design.

And it wouldn’t be medieval if there weren’t a quest of some kind involved. Upon starting, a chainmail vista greets players, complete with banner proclaiming a welcome and Richard the Lionheart, who awaits players; spins – those spins are enough to return him to the throne should players win. The latter element gives the game an element of ongoing gameplay or cumulative success that shows ELK has gone some way toward considering the gamification element crucial to modern slot games, creating a ‘mission’ or sense of achievement through tasks.

Playing the game

With three reels and 17 paylines, Ivanhoe comes complete with free spins, bonus levels, and prize multipliers to help the budding player complete their quest for success.

The game features many of the classic, and much-loved, fruit machine elements – lemons, melons, cherries, and, of course, lucky 7s – but mixes them with icons such as heraldic banners and crowns in keeping with the overriding theme of the title.

Possibly the main attraction of Ivanhoe will be its bonus game feature. Occurring over five different levels, the questing player is required to break through the “coin threshold” for every level in order to reach the next. And by continuously reaching next levels players are able to carry over any free spins they have accrued.

As players progresses, so too do the prizes. Award multipliers begin on level 1 at 2x, and all triumphs will be quadrupled should the player reach level 3 with a whopping prize multiplier of 6x still in tact at level 5. There is the possibility of Ivanhoe’s prize amounts equalling 3,000 times the player’s initial bet.

Keeping players engaged

Volatility and variance are key aspects of the game. That being said, ELK has demonstrably followed current trends in the sector and set it sights firmly on playability. Making gameplay feel like a quest is a particularly engaging idea on that is designed to give players a sense of achievement outside the possibility of winning via spins and bonus games.

Players looking to join Ivanhoe’s quest can find the game at a number of online casinos that use ELK’s titles, including the likes of LeoVegas Casino among others.


Let’s be honest, we’ve seen a fair few slots launched recently that have been centred around Ancient Egypt, or perhaps mythical figures. Understandably, it’s quite nice to see something different (and yes, we know there is something of the myth surrounding Richard the Lionheart before you say anything). ELK isn’t necessarily the biggest games developer but it’s titles are generally well received by players and operators alike – the fact that big names like LeoVegas have snapped up the game should tell you all you need to know. The art in this particular title is the combination old retro style fruit machine features with modern gameplay and immersive elements. We’ll be frank, Ivanhoe isn’t the most complex of titles, but that shouldn’t matter. The game’s features, particularly elements like embarking on a quest as you play, should be enough to keep you occupied and entertained. It’s an increasing trend we are seeing, and it’s great to see that developers large and small are embracing it.

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