Double your winnings: Codeta debuts Evolution’s eagerly awaited new roulette game

  • Codeta’s Double Ball Roulette promises twice the prospects of winning
  • New ‘Double Ball Exclusive Bet’ rewards those bold enough with odds of 1,300-1

Online gaming site, is known for its love of table games, with particular affection reserved for roulette – a sentiment that’s shared by the site’s players. When Evolution Gaming launched its eagerly awaited Double Ball Roulette, it was natural that Codeta should be among the first in line.

“More of everything” is the mantra that seems to drive the gaming world, and it’s certainly one that must have been on Evolution’s mind as they set to work on their most innovative table game to date. If single ball roulette is fun, so the theory goes, double ball roulette must be twice as fun.

Double the excitement

With two balls in action on each spin, the prospects of winning are doubled – and so’s the excitement. The roulette game, which was developed by Evolution Gaming in conjunction with Games Marketing, gives players three betting options.

Inside bets and outside bets should be familiar to anyone who’s played roulette before, but the provision of two balls is where things get interesting.

Inside betting provides the likeliest path to victory; either ball can land on a number for a winning bet to be declared. With outside betting, both balls have to land on the desired outcome for the bet to be successful, as reflected by the enhanced odds that are paid for achieving this feat.

For players who thrive when the odds are stacked heavily against them, there’s the double ball exclusive bet. Not for the faint-hearted, it requires both balls to land on the selected number, a feat that rewards intrepid bettors with odds of 1,300-1. That’s got to be worth a low-value speculative bet.

“Double Ball Roulette is a brilliant new product and we are thrilled to be able to offer to it to our players, at this early stage groundbreaking games such as this will be key to driving the live dealer sector forward in 2017, and we are excited to be working with Evolution to remain ahead of the curve.” CEO, Edward Ihre

Ihre’s words were echoed by Amy Riches, Marketing Manager at Evolution Gaming, who said: “Double Ball Roulette is an exciting and innovative addition to our portfolio, upping the ante for players and delivering an immersive and engaging experience.”

Desktop, tablet and mobile players intrigued by the prospect of ogling two bouncing roulette balls instead of one can put Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette through its paces at, whose table games are complemented by slots from the likes of NetEnt and Play’N Go.

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