Will we see Donald Trump meltdown as name disappears from casino?

  • Formerly referred to as “Eighth Wonder of the World”
  • Management claims union killed off casino
  • Trump’s name to be history by mid-March

The Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, NJ, USA, once called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by its former owner Donald Trump, is having every single reference to the President’s name removed from the building.

But before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and concludes that the casino is trying to spite Trump, this is a change that he will endorse whole-heartedly.

Trump Taj Mahal
Trump Taj Mahal

Trump’s Atlantic City presence fades

The reality is that Trump withdrew his investments in Atlantic City more than a decade ago but certain establishments, run by separate organisation Trump Entertainment, were allowed to keep his name as a headline brand.

As business began to sour and Trump Plaza closed in 2014, Trump sued to prevent the establishments using his name. He eventually signed a licensing deal allowing the practice to continue in return for a 10% stake, but only if standards in the buildings were raised, something that didn’t happen.

No future for former Trump flagship?

Trump Taj Mahal
Trump Taj Mahal

In fact, standards couldn’t be worse.

The Taj Mahal’s doors were closed in October 2016 after current owner Carl Icahn decided that it could not be run at a profit. This was the final act in a long-running dispute with Unite Here Local 54 union members, with management accusing striking members of preventing a “path to profitability.”

Icahn has turned his back on the casino and intends to sell, but while it remains shuttered, it’s unlikely to attract offers from people willing to put in the effort required to return it to its full glory.

As the deal can no longer be honoured, as of Wednesday 15th February workers began to remove the neon signs that proclaim the President’s name – the end of an era.

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